If i claimed the dry fly fishing is as good as ive ever seen it on the south holston river would you doubt me or just believe me because i provide legit photographic evidence ? pictured above is possibly the best brown to come aboard my boat this season and he was captured on the surface eating a bug at 8 pm tonite 05-14-18 -The 1200 CFS Sluice flow courtesy of the TVA is Dynamically overwhelmingly the best flow rate hands down that ive had the pleasure to float and fish ...The weather ? its been hot near 90 degrees - summer heat has blessed east tennessee early this year  -looks like we are not getting the much wanted Spring Season weather  -right into summer ? this magnificent creature pictured above taped at 22 inches with a hook jaw and thick wide body - he put up a hell of a fight on the 6 x tip -if catching a wild brown trout of this caliber on a dry fly is not your style then you should go tie on a 12 pound test leader on your 8-9 weight fly rod  and a articulated minnow pattern of some sort although they all will work if you yank them enough - finess fishing is where its at on the soho but yet i still see guys ripping big loud streamer flys when there are thousands of BUGS hatching ? drift the dry bugs and look for the big heads poking upward at dusk and the result is pictured above and below - thanks for checking the report - cruise down below for a glimpse of more of the Epic Dry Fly Fishing of 2018 - Tight Lines Ronnie




Sunday 05-06-18 proved to be a fishy buggy fun day with another successful trip to the Hog Heaven - we saw a lot and caught a lot -Pictured above is my guest Shane Having Success on the Dry Fly  -there were critters everywhere , we even saw the osprey have success as he flew over the boat with an 8 inch trout in his talons - lots of baby ducks and geese and even a few muskrats and otters out and about - right now the SOHO is fishing good and we are having more fun than full grown adults should be having - if your thinking about making a trip to the SOHO then right now is that time for some excellent dry fly bug fishing - Lets Go Fishing  !





05-01-18 They say April Showers bring may flowers - this may be true - We certainly had a wet April however finally the Rain has left and the Gray clouds have given way to sunny skies and 70 degree days - some wind still making it seem challenging at times - Pictured above is my guest Shane With a Beautiful Wild Brown Trout  The Approach >Long leaders - Long casts - Superlong Drift Extension all the way to the backing and Some Expert Line control combined with Great Drift  Boat positioning with Good Guiding  equates to what is pictured above - The 1200 CFS Sluice Flow is probably the best overall Flow Level for Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the SOHO -The weather has become more spring like and now above average 80s Predicted for the week - There are tons of Yellow Bugs coming off- About 2-3 pm down low - We are fishing strategically around structure - and in places you might not think - The fish are  schooled up we are sighting large groups of wild browns that are showing up in the ideal places where our approach and presentations can make the difference - we are covering a lot of water however the bulk of the fish are only in a few places -The fishing is excellent if you know where to fish where the fish are - and how to fish for them with BUGS - The Watauga has cleared up with still a lot of water however the Watauga is no SOHO in my Worthless opinion when the are so many opportunities right here on the SOHO  - 


Chuck on the Dry Fly


Its Hard to Explain from a Keyboard the Level of Fun and Excitement the South Holston River Tailrace has Provided On Our Drift Boat Float Trips - Especially When the Weather is Pretty Nice and the Bugs Start Hatching - 04-08-18 Pictured Above is Chuck Who is a Friend and a Regular Client on His Annual Spring Trip to the SOHO - Our Initial Plan was to Fish the Watauga River however the Recent Bout with Mother Nature Once Again had left the Watauga River Rolling Angry Off Color Dirty Water Conditions That Are Not Conducive to Dry Fly Fishing - So it Was a No Brainer to fish the 1200 CFS sluice Flow on the SOHO-  Almost Immediately After We Launched It Did Not Take Long for the Blue Wing Bugs to Show  and the Trout to Feed on Those Bugs Off the Surface - Lots of  Surface Eats and Some Good Browns Boated ..and a Couple Nice Rainbows too - Always Lots of Fun Fishing with Chuck Especially When We Get a 3-4 Hour Hatch Window - Proud of You Chuck for the Great Casting and Solid Dry Fly Hook Sets - Big Shout out to HYDE DRIFT BOATS for Crafting Such Superior Drift Boats that Enable Me to Put the Boat and Client in Position to Succeed- Absolutely 100% Impressed With How my HYDE Pro Series Drift Boat Performs on the 1200 CFS -  Its a Pleasure to Row This Boat - Bravo Hyde ! The Weather Has Been Up and Down With Temps Ranging Anywhere From Below Freezing with Snow to 70s and T- Shirt Weather - Some Yellow Bugs Starting to Show Mid Day and Even a Few Caddis Down Low - It Would Not Hurt My Feelings If the TVA Would Run the 1200 CFS Steady For the Rest of the Spring - Its Perfect for Drift Boat Fly Fishing - There Are lots of Anglers Starting to Show Judging By the Amount of Drift Boat Guides We Are Seeing Proves Once Again How Mighty the SOHO Really Is -Check Below for More Reports.



Somehow I feel Blessed to have the SOHO in my Front Yard - Today 04-02-18 Saw Near Perfect Trophy Trout Sight Fishing Conditions - Mild Temps - No Wind - Dead Calm - Gin Clearest Water and Tons of Blue Wings Coming Off - There is a Certain Calm to Fishing the SOHO Dam Area when  there are not many Anglers  fishing it on a Monday Afternoon ...So the Fish are less Spooked Especially with a Good Hatch of Blue Wing Bugs - This is Public Access Fishing Off the Osceola Island - TVA is Still Running the 200 CFS Sluice Flow and its Perfect for Walk and Wade Sight Fishing - This Type of Fly Fishing is 100 % Visual - The Approach in Predatory Stealth Mode Low Profile is Key for Success - Long Leaders - 6 or 7 x Tip - Size 20 Blue Wings - Floatant - Game On - This is a Resident Wild Brown Trout that Lives Around This Island Year Round and There is a Large Population of This Caliber of Wild Browns that Reside Here and They Eat BUGS  Almost Nearly All Year Off the Surface - The SOHO is Very Buggy Right Now and the Dry Fly Action is Very good if you know where to Fish Where the Fish Are  and How to Fish for Them - I'm Heading to the Watauga River now for the Opening Ceremonies of this Years Caddis Fly Bug Parade - Check Back for Updated Reports .

Post Spawn Tyler


This winter has already proved to be one of the worse for East Tennessee - with relentless Freezing Temps - Snow --Ice Events and a serious outbreak of the Flu we all have had enough of Old Man Winter - I'm just now getting over being as Sick as ive ever been resulting in No Fishing for me for the last 4-5  weeks- finally managed to get out and the post spawn bite is underway as i write this report - We have been pounded with heavy rains wich have left the feeder streams flooded out resulting with the lower soho stained and off color and moving fast with lots of debris however the upper soho remains somewhat clear and very fishable - The Runners are all gone here at the SOHO Dam however there are plenty of Resident Browns here just waiting for you to make the right cast - Sunday Tyler proved this with a wild brown taken on Feb 11 right off the grates - Nice Work and a Beautiful Capture - TVA is still running the 450 CFS Sluice Flow - There are not many bugs as we look forward to spring and the big hatches to come there is still a big appeal to mid winter fishing on the South Holston River - The entire river is now open to all legal methods of fishing and our new season starts march first the new fishing licences go on sale so don't forget to buy your 2018 fishing licence and your Trout Stamp - Thanks for checking the report- Tight Lines Ronnie