The Big Game is Well Underway at the Headwaters of the South Holston River - TVA is Giving some Massive Flows and the Big Browns are  Running hard - We Are Fishing  Junk Flys - Squirmy Worm with Small Egg Patterns and Trout Crack  Fished at Depth Under the Indicator  and Small Streamers on the Swing - Pictured above is Brennan - He drove 3 Hours to fish the SoHo Fall Run  and Caught His Biggest SoHo Wild Brown Trout - This is a Hen and She Remains Tight as we Are Still Pre Spawn -Congrats on this Great Capture Brennan -  We Are Catching Quality Browns Daily - I Have Checked at least 9 Hens as of this Report in the last 24-48 hours and Everyone of the Hens are Still Tight - We Have seen only 2 Pair of Legit Spawners So Far the Rest of the Fish Are Still In the Early Stages with many Big Fish Sighted  in the last Few Days - Its been Somewhat Cold and We Saw the First Snow Fall Last Night with a Dusting of the Dreaded White Stuff - Hopefully the TVA will Continue this Trend of Running the Big Water for at Least Part of this Big Game - Friendly Reminder to Use Caution Where you Wade Anywhere Around Nesting Trout - Thanks for Checking the Report - Tight Lines Ronnie 







Big Water 3000 CFS


The TVA is finally tuning up the new and improved generator unit and they are releasing some massive flows recently - We had the Blue Hornet out on these massive 3000 + CFS flows and the Fishing has been excellent - Sure we have to fish a heavier nymph system but like this entire game its always changing and everything is Situational - The Weather has felt like fall with the Freeze finally here the Leaves are mostly down now with the White Oak Foliage still hanging on as Usual - We are fishing Midges  - Trout Crack and Junk flys - Glo Bugs and the Squirmy Wormy are producing big numbers of fish - Rumor has it that very soon the TVA will be finished with the new generator and when the generator is up and running fully they plan to run an enormous amount of water for the rest of the year - This is great news as the Spawn begins these massive flows are sure to reduce the amount of Redd Treading that Plagues the SoHo each Fall - Check Below for more 2018 SoHo Super Bowl Reports



Friendly Reminder If You Are Fishing the SoHo this Fall - Do Not Wade On the Redds and Respect Spawning Trout - Im Not Saying Dont Fish However ...Casting Your Fly At a Female Trout Laying Her Eggs is Entry Level Angling and Should Not Be Practiced by Anyone Who Comes Here to Fish - With That Said on the low flows We Sight Fish for the Bucks Only And Try to Avoid Nesting Females At All Cost - Thanks for Checking the Report - Tight Lines Ronnie






The Big Game Kicked off on November First 2018 at 6 am at The South Holston River Dam - Opening Kickoff Saw  Air temps in the Mid 30s at Pre Dawn - Suited up and Equipped with a Boat Full of Orvis Fly Rods Ready for what ever Play Came my way - Checked the TVA App Showing 2400 CFS - Big Water - I Put the Blue Hornet in at the Grates Under the Cover of Complete Darkness on this Massive Flow and Rowed Up Tight to the Grates - Instantly I hear the Explosive Splash of one of these players performing the pre spawn ritual of leaping 2 feet in the air Showing Off the Readyness of the Opposition Eager to Play in this Big Game - Talk about adrenaline pump - A surreal feeling just knowing how many players are really here on November 1 ,2018 - I decided to fish with the Orvis Helios 2 - 10 Ft -  4 weight - Long Leader with a 3 Fly Nymph Rig - 5 x Tip - Squirmy Worm Zebra Midge and a Glo Bug - Staggered Euro Micro Weights fished on the Tight line - No Suspension or Indicator - Sometimes we Get Lucky - I made about 7 Casts Before this Jackass Decided he Wanted to Play - On the Downstream Swing this Fish Hooked Himself on the Tight line and Jumped 3 times - Now im on 2400 CFS and this Jackass decides he wants to Play for Keeps and He Heads for the Bottom of the Run - In Seconds he has all My Fly Line out and is Below the Bridge Now headed for Boone lake lol - So I Pull Anchor and Decide im willing to Chase his Jackass Now - By the time I Drifted to the Bridge he now has All my fly line and 40-50 feet of Backing out and he Is Not Stopping - He is Exiting the Run  and the Chase is on in the Complete Dark on 2400 CFS - Talk about Adrenaline Pump - Deadly and Dangerous  - The Chase Was on for another Several Hundred Yards Ending up in the Big Pool  -I Fought Him Around the Boat for a few minutes while Positioning the Boat below him  - Having Him Above Me in this 2400 is Key  -I let Him Use the Current to My Advantage - He Finally Tapped Out and Swam into the net - By this time the sky was Starting to light up - Not Sure Who was More Exhausted as I was Huffing and Puffing with Adrenaline - Now its Only 7 Hours into this Big Game and I Just Scored a Lifetime SoHo Migratory Buck Wild Brown Trout - My Prediction is that this Fish Quite Possibly will be the SoHo Super Bowl MVP  - Predicting That I Just Scored the Best Buck of the Game - Time will tell where this Fish Ranks at the End of this Big Game - Doing the Catch and Release Formulas this is a 10 pound Brown - This Jackass also Ranks at the Top for Big Browns that have Graced My Boat  - F / V  Blue Hornet Stung A True SoHo Giant - When I Add this Score Up its Among My Best  -Probably a Top 3 Fish  for Me on This Awesome River - No Doubt one of the Best Ive Ever Taken on 2400 CFS in Complete Darkness - This is a Special Fish with Near Perfect Features - Huge Fins -Paddle Tail - Hump Back - Massive Hook Jaw - Full Pre Spawning Garb and a Bad Attitude Are All Features This Fish Holds  - Like all Special Trout I Named Him - His Name is Rowdy - Im Officially On The Board With This High Score - The Big Game is Well Under Way -Special Thanks to Hyde Drift Boats for Building Quality Drift Boats - This Boat Performs at the Highest Level when Everything is on the Line -  Check Below for More Super Bowl Reports 

Pretty Tony


11-03-18 The SoHo Wild Browns are on the move and feeding Hard - Tony had a great day on the 1500 CFS Sluice Flow Catching over 20 trout and a Couple Trophys for his efforts - We Are Still in Pre Spawn Mode with the Browns already staging at the Soho Dam - The Hens are still tight and as big as they can get and as pretty as they get right now full of eggs and the Big Bite is underway - You Can fish almost anything right now and get good results if you present it right - The Countdown is on now to when we will see the first Active Redds Appear - I Predict about 10-12 days from this report that some of the Early Spawners will Show - A friendly reminder to limit where you wade and where you drop your anchor anywhere around known spawning areas on the SoHo - DO NOT WADE  on the Redds - Im Not In the Business to tell anyone how to fish however if you step on an Active Redd your Killing The Next Generation of SoHo Wild Browns - We Have  big numbers of browns but these fish are indeed fragile so treat them with Respect  - For those who claim Ethics is the Issue ? Its Not Unethical or Illegal as Tennessee Biologists Encourage Fall Fishing here -Thousands of Anglers Travel  to East Tennessee in the Fall to Fish - 60% of the Anglers Who Fish the SoHo are not from the Area - They Travel here to Fish for these World Class Browns - They Spend Money and it Boosts the Local Economy with Big Revenue Generated from the SoHo - We Fish Year Round Here - Congrats Tony on this Beautiful Brown  - Check Below  For More Reports 

John and JB


10-30-18 Had a Great Trip  with these 2 Fishy Guys Pictured Above and Below - John and JB Fished hard  for the Big Streamer Eat - We Just Could Not Get the Big Ones to Commit - JB had 2 Giants Chase his Streamer Right to the Boat -  Lots of Follows and Some Decent Browns Boated  - We Had a Great Day  - Lots of Laughs and Fish Storys Told -Saw A lot of Wildlife - Looking Forward to My Next Trip with These Guys - Great Memories Made - Thanks for Checking the Report - Tight Lines Ronnie 

Fishy Dudes


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