SOHO Brown Trout Super Bowl Closing Ceremonies


Its Buck Madness Late in the 4 th Quarter of this Big Game - The Scrore is High and Tied and We Just Might go into Overtime - Today was a Great Day -  01-10-18 saw the Brown Trout Action at its Best of this Entire Game of Epic Scores with a Handful of Trophy Trout Captured - Check out the Scars on this Buck - Both Sides he is scratched likely this is the work of an Eagle or Osprey - I  probably stuck more than 20 browns today and witnessed at least 50 hookups between Charlie and Jacob - Everyone caught plenty of fish and snapped off at least 4 or 5 busted 6 x tip  - seemingly some decent numbers of new fish have just moved up the Run  - Recently where there were none Today there are many right now - Its crazy warm today with temps in the 60s and holding for a few days - unseasonable warm air has moved into East Tennessee - TVA is holding steady spilling the 450 Sluice Flow round the clock full time - There were PMDs or a variant of Sulphurs with a Dark Blue wing coming off before lunch time but the Game for us was sub surface Dirty Nymphing Trout Crack Finessing and the Mighty Miracle Midge - Tight Lining No Indicator - 6 x tip -  on the 10 foot tip flex 4 weight  - Orvis Helios 2  - i forget how superior this rod is as i have not played with it in this Game until today - First Light was Best however the Action was Fast all day long  - Scroll down for a Stare at some of the rest of todays report and images - Thank You for Checking the Report 

Young Buck jacob


01-10-18 Jacob Reflecting  with what looks like 3 Times is the Charm - Trust your imagination that this fish has provided the Ultimate Entertainment and Sport Value - It Was Very Nice to  Fly Catch with You Jacob  - Absolutly Gorgeous Dominate Predatory Migratory  Buck Wild Brown Trout   - Again -  Check Below For More Late in the Big  Game   High Scoring Action .



01-10-18  This Buck looks Like and Fought Like  Anything but a Spawned Out Trout ..Just when you thought you saw it all - I Pulled Off the 2 Point Conversion of Stealth Mode While Capturing this Runner this Morning -Trout Crack Enzone Celebration -  Only if You Know where to Fish Where  the Fish Are -  Hat Tricks are for Magicians and Buck Fever is Real -  Yeah that's  Buck in the background . 


Bucks Biggest


Reflecting back on this Entire Game its wild to think about the fish and the people - Pictured above is Buck with His Biggest Score of this Soho Super Bowl - Upper 20s -  Out of all the players in this big game none have played in this game as much as Buck - I played in this entire game this year and personally witnessed Buck hook up with many dozens of big wild brown trout since Nov 1 however none were more exciting than this Brown Pictured Above - Congrats Buck on this World Class Capture - I had Big Fun Filming and Netting this Fish for you and Thanks Alot for Buying Lunch Today for Us and Delivering it to the River - Super Good Time and Lifetime Memory  Sitting on the SOHO River Bank Eating lunch with You and Charlie and Sammy - I guess i really need to get this picture developed now hah - Congrats again Buck on the Award and ALL the Amazing Browns you Scored in this Epic Game - Bravo Friend



Captured 01-10-18  Special Thank You to the people who made it possible for me to play in this big game - My Mother for the inspiration and support and Tiffany for way to many things to list  - And Cars of Charlotte for Putting up with me and Metro Tech for the Opportunity with Friendship - also Orvis Fly Fishing - Rio Products - Umpqua - Hyde Drift Boats and the World Class Wild Browns that Call this Amazing River Home - Gracias to All 


Charlie on the Fly 01-07-18


01-07-18  to say its been just cold would be inaccurate - its frozen popsickle  status here in east Tennessee - today sunday we finally went above the 32 degree mark briefly enough to get a  trip in while the sun was shining - the fishing is ok right now - its not lights out and there are not many big fish willing to eat the egg fly but if you properly present the Trout Crack these fish respond almost every time - Charlie I'm proud of you for catching this 22.5 inch gorgeous buck wild brown trout like a pro and I'm sorry for the rookie net job hah Score- something to be said about catching a brown trout like this on your own tie - there are still plenty of Adult brown trout at the soho dam area headwaters with a few bruisers cruising the run for some late in the game action - and its been one heck of a big game i will remember forever - TVA is holding steady with the 450 CFS sluice flow- thanks for checking the fishing report- Tight Lines Ronnie



Its brutal cold -the weather here in east Tennessee has taken a turn for the worse with daytime wind chill temps calling for single digits in the coming days - this last couple weeks saw the bulk of the biggest browns come and go literally overnight as if they knew  something? - its not officially post spawn matter what the out of town guides are reporting - 75% over - East Tennessee is in a crisis mode right now with the flu epidemic - I'm a bit under the weather myself trying to avoid getting the flu - Today 12 -31-17 marks the end of my first full year living in Tennessee as a resident and what a year it has been - i saw it all this year - captured my biggest wild brown trout ever - witnessed several brown trout in 2017  up close to the net and sighted that i believe and predict that will be the next Tennessee brown trout  state record -  the milestone of 1000 trout caught in my drift boat - my new home right on the river and some new friendships made and my first legit guide trips under my belt ooh and i saw " Taylor Joyce " and i was blessed my first ever Tennessee Whitetail Deer - eating very well this winter super yummy venison - big shout out and thanks again to Randy and Venoms Meat Processing - The start of 2018 marks my exit from social media - life after social media is reality - no like buttons to be judged by - no fake news storys to distort reality and lots more time spent fishing and just plain living life without an addiction to a cell phone - some days living here on the soho i don't even get a signal to make a phone call - its almost as good as living off the grid however i do have internet service and a computer here at the new house - right now the  pressured largest browns are terrified of the EGG fly - they actually are spooking as the EGG drifts close to them they shy away even on the 6x and chameleon  - right now the best bug is the trout crack and the chocolate midge #18-22 -the TVA is holding pretty steady with basically 450 CFS spilling with the occasional 1200 sluice they have been right on with only 2 interruptions - surprised they have not run out of water this fall - in all honesty these fish have been pounded and abused - Seriously Tennessee Needs to Close This Area Down to All Fishing From Nov 1 - Jan 31 or at least make it catch and release only Nov 1 - Jan 31 -Especially when the Browns are in Reproductive Mode  - Keep all the Juvenile  Trout you want but Release All Adult Browns  Nov 1 - Jan 31  - the fishing now is only going to get more challenging as winter torments us the fish will cooperate less to the point of being humbled by the knowledge of just how many browns are actually living in this awesome river as we look forward to the post spawn season its going to be a cold long winter and i already cant wait for the caddis hatch on the Watauga river- Thank you for checking the report and visiting my web site i just checked the analytics of how much traffic this site is getting and in December of 2017 i had over 1300 visits this month thank you again - Check Below for more of the 2017 SOHO Wild Brown Trout  Super Bowl Reports .

Sammy the Man


12-15-17 -The soho 2017 super bowl continues to produce the quality of brown trout that make this place legendary - Friday Morning Sammy struck a fine piece of soho jewelrey and claimed his biggest of the season with this 28 inch beauty - congrats Sammy on this truly stunning world class lifetime capture A lot could be said of this years superbowl so far - We are catching brown trout on Glo Bugs- Beads - zebra midges and trout crack on the 460 with very little weight and dead drifting - predawn first light is lights out the best - overall the fishing is excellent if you know where to fish where the fish are -Thanks for reading the report and scroll down for more of the latest reports and photos



While 90% of the Anglers Drifting Nymphs and Sub Surface Presentations Both in the Boat or Wading prefer to use a Strike Indicator  With Split Shot - there are the few Elite Anglers who Tight Line And Swing thier Presentation Instead of Bobber Watching - You have to be Really Quick on the Stick - Bug or Egg there are No Excuses Granted on the 460 CFS - Kudos to those Elite  Anglers  who get to Hoist a Hefty Brown Trout of this Caliber Without the Help of a Bobber - Pictured Above on 12-17 -17 the Fly Fishing Badassery That is a Sensation to Witness - David a 30 year SOHO  Veteran Pro Fly Angler Put On An Impressive Show - Bravo Friend

Bill Gets His Bucks Worth


The second morning of Bills annual fall trip to the soho run it was 24 degrees and foggy when this buck wild brown one ate - after a good battle and a quick photo opp this buck returned to his home headwaters to pass his beautiful genetics - Very Nice Capture Bill

Awesome Adam


While there are many anglers who play in this big game - not many of them have and can match this guys skill level - always a pleasure to watch this guy angle - pictured above is one of many of the Buck Runners Adam has scored in the 2017 SOHO Brown Trout Superbowl - Congrats Again Kid... Your Sensational !

Full Throttle


As the clock ticks off the remaining minutes of time left in this big game - a reflection and imprint will be ingrained in some peoples minds - the reality - the truth - and the facts have been presented - No like buttons or fake news storys here - just lots of big buck nasty wild brown trout and a massive reality check - life after Facebook ..You Should Try It

Brown Town USA


Charlie Scores Again


Yeah sure the browns are the main attraction here however its the people you encounter and become friends  with that make this sport special - its not always about the fish but when your with this guy pictured above it sure makes it all worth it when Charlie gets a good one - not sure who owes who here but congrats again Charlie on this great capture and thanks for being my friend for the last 3 years and i will always remember these times - no more monsters

Tight Lines - Ronnie


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