The Regular Fishing Season has come to an end as of this Special Report - We fished the Dry Fly in the rain and wind to the end - Pictured Above is one of the last  Regular Season Hog Heaven Quality Buck Wild Browns to Grace the Fishing Vessel  " Blue Hornet " Many thanks to the Special Place we have come to know as the " Hog Heaven "  If I told you that this may be my last fall on the soho  ?  I would not want it  to end any other way than on the Dry Fly  - Here at the Hog Heaven the bottom tailout of this special place is Officially Closed to all fishing while the Spawning takes place  November 1, 2018 through January 31 ,2019 ….It has been one heck of a great season spent mostly at the Hog Heaven - The final regular season  of days spent fishing says I  floated the Hog Heaven 86 days this year , And Fished  162 days  total on the Entire  SoHo so far in 2018  -Not bad for a guy who almost died 6 months ago -Im Still Alive and its Great to Be Alive -  high water and low water we fished it hard every foot of the Hog Heaven and saw some amazing dry fly fishing , looking back I think it was the best dry fly fishing ive ever experienced - With much respect for these browns and the protected profile that they Hold I will miss it Dearly and Respect it Highly as my efforts now shift towards the headwaters of the SoHo Dam to fish the 2018 SoHo Super Bowl of Brown Trout Fly Fishing  - See you in March " Hog Heaven "

Last Call @ Hog


The Weather is excellent as we enter November the outlook is Good for some Big Buck Wild Brown Trout Fly Fishing - Pictured above is one of the last from the regular season here at the hog heaven -  It Was the Best Dry Fly Fishing and I will Eagerly await to return here for the spring big bug parades - With that said its time for the SoHo Super Bowl to Kickoff and the Pregame warm up is underway - Dont forget to check back often for up to date live reports from this years Big Game 

Pre Spawn Hog Heaven


When we look back at this season we will miss these Hog Heaven Browns and look forward to the spring and the dry fly fishing that is to come - The best part about these fish is  that most of them will not be fished for as the bottom of the Hog Heaven is officially closed as of Nov 1 , 2018 through January 31, 2019 - These Browns get a big break from the fishing pressure and they get to spawn without any  human interference - Much respect to these browns - Let the Spawn Begin 



A friendly reminder if your fishing Anywhere around known spawning areas Do Not Wade in the River - Avoid crossing the river around the tailouts of most of the runs and be able to identify what and where Redds are  -Nests Built By The Trout -  If you dont know ? Learn It ! If you dont care ? Please leave !! Its really a shame to see what happens around known Spawning Areas as some of the same Anglers year after year continue to Stomp on Live Active REDDS with No Care in the World for these Wild Fish - With Any luck the TVA will continue to sluice the higher flows through the entire spawn wich will help spread out the fish and reduce the amount of overall REDD treading that plagues the Upper SoHo every Fall - If we are all responsible and respectful as Anglers there is nothing Unethical about the fall fishing here especially when we have 2 closed sections of river where several miles of Spawning takes place - We have in excess of 9000 trout per Square mile of river - So dense there is an overpopulation of trout - Creel Limits are set based on these enormous numbers -im all for catch and release especially when they are in reproduction mode - No Kill Only TWRA ?  Its hard to witness these Precious 22-32 inch Giant  fish leaving on a Stringer and We See This Big Brown Trout Taking now every year however....The Reality and Fact is that  it does not even put a dent in the Overall population where we have a 95 % catch and release fishery here - To Each is Own - The Law is The Law - Let the Game Begin - Thank You For Reading My Reports - Tight Lines Ronnie


OCTOBER  10 , 2018



 Fall has arrived here in East Tennessee , Our Annual leaf hatch has Started making the fishing at times challenging to present a fly on the surface and sub surface - Dry Fly fishing has been excellent in spite of the leaf hatch  as pictured above on the 2400 CFS a couple evenings ago - 6 X -15 foot Long Leader - Dry Fly  - The  Buck Wild Browns are dressed up very nice  this  Fall - TVA has been giving us some excellent sluice flows this entire season and the fishing has been really good on flows from 400 CFS - 2400 -  hope we get more of the same before they get the new Generator going - Hopefully with this new Generator they will Ultimately Increase the Minimum Flow Rate when they are Not Generating - As of this report the TVA is Spilling  2300 so they claim ? -The Remaining  Hatch of  Sulphurs and some big blue wings  along with the Mighty Miracle Midge continue to provide most of the dry fly action - We are also Sub Surface fishing Zebra Midges and Trout Crack under Junk Fly Attractors - Squirmy Worm and Small Egg Patterns - The Streamer Fishing is good under the low early light on the Higher Sluice Flows , We are still in " early pre spawn " and the Big Browns are on the move - I have not seen many big numbers of Migratory Runners  yet as we are still fishing for the Resident Fish - The Weather is Really Nice here  and the Weather Man just said that Next Week We May see the First 30 degree tenps of the season - Peak Night Fishing Season is over  now however we are still fishing pre dawn into daylight.



 With the Arrival of the Fall Season the Special Designated Spawning Areas of the South Holston River Will Close on November First 2018 through January 31, 2019 - There are Several Miles of River with 2 long Stretches  Where Fishing is Prohibited - Check the Tennessee  Anglers Guide if you are Not Sure Where You Can and Can Not Fish - This leaves the Rest of the River Open to all Legal Methods of Fishing - If you are Fishing the South Holston River this Fall ? Try to limit where you Wade around known Spawning Areas and Do Not Wade On The Redds -  Basically Most of the River Becomes Fragile after November First especially Anywhere around the Wier Dam Area Access- Use Extreme Caution Around Nesting Trout - Although We have a Massive Successful Spawn with the 2 Closed Sections Still These  Adult Trophy Fish are Indeed Fragile so Handle them this fall with Extreme Care - There is nothing Unethical about fishing for these fish during the fall if its done responsibly and respectfully there is no harm - It Takes Many Many Years for these Browns  to  Fully Mature into the  Special  Beautiful , Magnificent , World Class , Famed and Admired Creatures they Become - With that said …..Let The Game Begin  - Thanks for Checking the Report  - Tight Lines Ronnie







When We Look Back at This Summer of 2018 it Probably Will Not Be Remembered for How Great the Streamer Fishing Was...Although the Streamer Fishing has been Excellent .. And It May Not Bring Back Memories of Epic Sub Surface Miracle Midge Fishing  However the Midge fishing is Always Pretty Good .. - No Doubt Ending Up with A Life Threatening illness Was Not The Highlight Either - This Was the Summer of the Dry Fly - Finess Sight Fishing to Actively Surface Feeding Wild Brown Trout was the Name of the Game this Summer - Long Leaders 12-15 feet long - Light tip 6x and 7 x  to the Fly - Small  High Floating Dry Bugs Size 18-24  Proved to be Lethal  Here at the South Holston River Guide Service - Not Only did we Catch these Wild Browns... We Caught some of  these Same Fish Over and Over in the Same Spots on the Same Dry Flys - Repeat Offenders Provided Some of the Best Fly Fishing We Have Ever  Experienced Here on the SOHO -Pictured Above on a Very Recent Late Summer of 2018 Evening is a Near Perfect Mega Female Wild Brown Trout that Measured Over the 2 Foot Mark ...Captured on the Surface on a Size 22 Dry Fly on the 6 x tip While Fishing the 1800 CFS Sluice Flow - We Will Miss You Dearly Summer as We look Ahead to the Fall Season the Dry Fly Fishing will Fade Away and Usher in More Consistent Sub Surface Presentations with the Streamer and Nymph Fishing Taking the Lead - The Weather has Been Really Nice and Quite Warm as Summer Trys to Hang on With Recent Late Season Heat Waves Producimg 90 degree temps - In All Honesty I Will Not Miss the Heat as Much as I Will Miss the Summer if that makes sense - TVA has Been Once Again Back and Forth with the Water Releases Giving Us Consistent 400-1200-1800-2300 CFS Sluice Flows - We Survived the Hurricane Florence With Minimal Damage and Only Some Minor Flooding Here in East Tennessee - Thank You For Reading My Fishing Reports - Check Below for More of This Report .



Fishing During a Hurricane Sure has its Advantages and Disadvantages - Risk Versus Reward - When Your Client Cancels and The Weather Man Says Stay Home for Your Own Safety What Does a Guy Like Me Do ? Hook Up the Hyde Drift Boat Named " Blue Hornet " and Head Down to the SOHO Hog Heaven - With Gusty Winds and Pelting Intermittent Bouts of Discouraging Rain on September 15 ,2018 I Set Out On a Mission to Claim Victory When Much of the South East USA  was in a Crisis Mode with this Hurricane leaving Millions Flooded Out and Without Power - The TVA was running the 2300 CFS Sluice Flow When I Arrived at the Hog Heaven Beat - Most Drift Boat Guides would say" Back Rowing " Up the South Holston River on 2300 CFS is Unreal ...Outrageous and Quite Honestly Unheard of Unless Your ME ...I Guess it Was Just to late in the Day to Call My Shuttle Guy at 530 pm  and I Really Didn't Have a $20 bill and I was Not Going to the ATM ..I Was Going Fishing -  Started the Adventure with the 7 wt Ripping Monster Casts at the Banks and Covered Structure While  Double Hauling a Creation from the Mind and Vice of the Great Andreas Anderson Produced 2 Good Eats Right off the Bat that Ended up Coming Unbuttoned - After Many Trys and and About 45 minutes the Rain Paused a Moment Just long Enough for the Fish and the Dry Bugs to Appear on the Surface - No Sooner Than it Happened I Managed to Sight this Buck Wild Brown Trout Pictured Above Barely Sipping Midges on the Surface Under a Overhanging Tree Slightly Bent Down  Just about a Foot and a Half Above the River Surface from the Weight of the Rains and Wind - This Was Going to Probably Be My Only Shot at a Big Fish as the Sky Looked like it was About to Unload Another Round of Rain and it Was Already 7 pm and the Day Light was Fading Away - I put the Orvis 7 wt Back in the Rod Holder and Took Out the Orvis Helios 2 - 10 foot - 4 Weight and Rigged up a 15 foot Leader With a Size 22 Olive Midge Dry Fly - My First Cast was a Failure as I Over Judged the Distance of the lowest limb on the tree that this fish was under - I Casted Right into the Tree Resulting with me having to Break off and tie  on  Several More Feet of  6x tip  with the Hope that I did not line Spook this Fish - and the hope that he did not stop eating on the surface as these fish sometimes feed for 5-10 minutes and then they are Done ...Gone like Ghosts - Luckily I tied on super fast Blood Knot and a New Dry Fly and there was His Big Head Poking Upward Feasting on Midges - I Made One Cast ...then 2 Casts and on the Third cast this Donkey Fell for my Bug and the Battle was on - After about a 10 minute fight and some delicate finess Angling I managed to convince him to swim into the net before anyones feelings got hurt - Very exciting to see another guide boat had stopped in back of me just up river to watch the Battle and this is not the first time ive scored big in front of the competition when we live in a world where anyone can make up storys its sure rewarding When Fiction Becomes REALITY- Thanks again for reading the Report - Tight Lines Ronnie




The Unofficial End of Summer /  Start of Fall is Underway - The SOHO Buck Wild Browns Are Starting to Showoff Some Great Color - The Hens are Also Starting to Ripen Up Attaining  Some  Impressive Girth with More About that Pictured Below  - We Are Down to the Final Weeks of the Regular Season as these Amazing Browns  will Retreat from their Summer Haunts and Ambush Sites to Begin Feeding More Agressivly  -  Now is When These Fish Pack on the Protein Before the Annual Migration Begins - Pictured Above on Labor Day 2018 is Bob from Pennsylvania with a colorful brown one -  put in the time and effort casting combined with great  persistence always will pay off in the end -Thanks for the Great Time and Memories Bob - Right now the TVA Just increased the Flow to 1800 CFS Sluice and We Expect the TVA to keep Running the Higher Flows Well into fall as the lake is still at full pool - We are fishing Streamers Nymphs and Dry Fly  - All Situational Based on the Flow and Time of Day or Night that we are Fishing - The Night Fishing is Good But Still Sometimes a Hit or Miss Game with the Early Morning Hours Under low light Producing Big - The Yellow Bugs are Hot And Cold Depending on How Close you Fish to the SOHO Dam - There are Good Hatches Happening from 2-4 pm Up High - Check Below For More of the Report 



Take it from Our Special Guest  and Good Friend  Kaleb that the South Holston River is Capable of Producing Once Again Dry Fly Caught Trophy Wild Brown Trout Well Above The PLR  - Hog Heaven - Twenty Something Inches Worth of Smiles -  Right Now Almost Everything we are Fishing is Producing and We Expect the Fishing to be Excellent as we approach the Fall Season as the Super Bowl of SOHO Wild Brown Trout Fly Fishing Approaches the Countdown to the Big Game Begins Now- The Fish Are Feeding Hard Right Now as I Write this Report - Big Water 1800 CFS  Sluice Courtesy of the TVA is Near Perfect  - Gracias TVA - We Hope This Trend Continues - Here is the Tip of the Year - If you Dry Fly Fish the South Holston River ? Don't be Afraid to Swing Your Dry Fly at the End of your LONG Drift - I Promise You if You Allow Your Dry Fly to Submerge in the Film for the Full Swing these Adult Wild Browns Respond Big - The Takes are Aggressive - I Cant Begin to Explain How Many Times the Downstream Down and Across Swing and Sink Presentation Has Produced Browns Over the 20 inch Mark This Year Alone  -Thanks for Reading -  Check Below for More of This Report



Here at the South Holston River Guide Service We Get Asked from Time to Time By Our Readers ? When is the Best Time to Fish the South Holston River ? My Reply is Simply " AnyTime "  -  This May Sound like a Bit of Smug Humor However, Its True - We fish Day and Night Year Round - Pictured Above is My Special  Guest  Nick Mocking and Proving that the SOHO Night Game is Really All About Perception -The Ability to Hone In On  All Your Senses -  Basically Fishing Blind with Your Ability to Rely on Your  Senses like Sound and Feel - Eyes Wide Shut -  This is a Game of The Sharpest - 20 Something Year Olds Seem to Have the Sharpest Reflexes - Ninja Like - Badass Nick - Bravo - Thanks For Checking the Report - Tight lines Ronnie

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