OCTOBER 29 2019 



Its Almost Hard to Believe its Nearly  November ,  Our Weather Here in East Tennessee Has Been Very Mild , We Just Had A Brief Rain Event That Added to The Recent Previous Rain Events  And  Really  Helped Our Current Drought Situation Here , TVA Is Giving Some High Water Generation Flows Mixed In With The Low Flow , The Recent Frost And Rain Has Encouraged The Leaf Hatch ,  The Leaves Are  Finally Showing  Some Fall Colors , We Have Been Wade and Float Fishing and the Action Has Been Consistent   . The Fly Fishing Has Been Excellent - These Are The Best Of Times  ,  Pictured Above is Mr. Fred Showing Off With A Trophy Size ( PLR ) SoHo Buck  Beauty Wild Brown Trout  Captured On October 28 2019  ,  Super Small Size 22-24 Baetis  Emergers  + Size 20  Zebra Midges  & Micro Trout Crack  Fished On 6X Tip On The Low Clear 10 CFS Got Em Before The High Water Arrived .

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Pretty Cool To Have Special Guest Out On the Boat For A Late October Evening Float  Trip Down The Mighty SoHo , Thank You Vicky For The Great Memories including the Super Yummy Dinner From The Cave Pizza After Fishing  , Pictured Above Is One Of The Last Regular Season SoHo Wild Brown Trout  To Be Admired From Below The "  Cul De Sac " This Section Of The South Holston River Will Be Closed In 72 Hours From This Report For The Annual Spawn ,  A  Friendly Reminder To Be Mindful  Of Where You Fish This Fall , As of November 1 2019 There Will Be 2 Closed Sections On the South Holston River , We Are Very Fortunate That Tennessee Fish And Wildlife Biologists  Manage These Browns  Very  Well  By Protecting Them From Any Human Interference  Every Fall  




In The Coming Weeks Ahead Specifically The Next 12 + Weeks ,,, The Adult SoHo Wild Browns Will Be Spawning , A Few Key Things To Consider If You Are Planning To Fish The SoHo This Fall , Limit How Much You Wade Around Known Spawning Areas  From November 1 - Jan 31  , Limit  Where You Drop Your Boats Anchor , Use Extra Caution While Fishing Around Nesting Trout , Be Able To Identify What A Spawning Redd Looks Like And For The Love Of Wild Trout " Do Not Step On The Redds  "  I Know This May Sound like A Broken Record However ,  We See This Same Redd Treading Happen Each and Every Fall , If Everyone Is Educated About This And Does Their Part , Then All Of Us Together Can Minimize Our Overall Impact On This Fishery , It looks like We Will Have Plenty of Low Water This Fall  , Basically The Upper SoHo Specifically Around The Dam Area Becomes Extremely Fragile After November First .



OCTOBER 23 2019



Its official , The Migration of the South Holston River Browns is underway , i have been fishing and looking hard in the last week and have seen some movement with small groups of Wild Browns Migrating towards the SoHo  Headwaters for the Annual Spawn , I figure it will be about 2 more weeks  from this Report before we  see the first active Redds show up with Spawning Trout  , the TVA is giving very little high water flows as of this report ,  they are running out of water , we had a couple rain events recently however it really was not enough to make a sizeable difference in the lake levels which ultimately will not give us any near future Lengthy  or Consistent high water flows  , The Weather here in East Tennessee has cooled down alot and we have already seen the first couple frosty windshields ,  As of this report there are only 8 days left in the regular season , if you are fishing the SoHo this fall some Key things to remember are ...Do Not Wade  around known Spawning Areas ..Use Extreme Caution Around Spawning Trout , I am not saying do not fish because if you buy  a fishing  License and Obey all the Laws here I.E. ...Slot (PLR ) Lengths ...Closed Sections ..Private Property Areas then Nobody should be telling anyone to leave the Browns Alone during the Spawn ...Not all these browns will spawn at the same time , Last year Hundreds showed up and Spawned in November and were gone by Dec 1  and  More new fish showed up in Dec ..We saw the biggest bulk of Runners In Mid  / Late November Last Year Meaning those fish were post spawn and gone by December  ,  We fish year round here 

Pictured Above is Super Nice SoHo Buck Wild Brown I Caught on October 21 2019 at the Grates on the SoHo , This Brown Trout Taped Way Over The PLR Slot Length  , A Lifetime Fish For Some Anglers  , Like all Special Trout I Named Him , His Name is "  Chance "  There are many adult fish already showing up at the headwaters , Our pre spawn rituals have begun , Small Midges and Light Long Leaders are the keys to success here on this low 10 CFS , As of this report  the leaves seem to be holding on with alot of foliage  still on the branches  , If you are coming to fish the SoHo in November and need a guide feel free to call or text me 980-833-3167 or book your trip right here on this web site , Link at the top of this page , Check back for updated reports , Tight Lines Ronnie  


OCTOBER 8 2019



10-06-19 - Its has been a great  " Regular " season on the fly here on the SoHo , This year saw many ups and downs , i learned Alot fishing through clients while having the time of my life , the big bugs are basically gone however there is still some Dry Fly Action to be had if you know where and when to look , the TVA has been giving daily high water flows mixed in with the dreaded 10 CFS low Frog Water drip,  , We are in desperate need of some significant rain as we approach the November 1 Opener of the 2019 SoHo Brown Trout  Superbowl , Its been several Years since we have seen 10 CFS flows during the spawn and i predict a massacre will take place in just a couple weeks from this report , we are in trouble folks !  There is already Alot of chatter in this community about what can be attempted to be done to prevent the Massacre from happening , rumors of "Minimum Flow Rates " and "Game Wardens Stepping Up Their Patrols " are circulating throughout the Guide Community here , All the TWRA would have to do is Close The Spawning Areas around the Headwaters from Nov 1 - Jan 31 and this crisis could and would be averted ,,,,,, However , this may never happen due to the loss of revenue that Tennessee Rakes in from the Fall Run here , I have been fishing and looking for the first lake runners to show and have seen very little movement so far , i predict in about 12-15 days from this report that the first runners arrive for the pre spawn festivities , this is our Superbowl of Fly Fishing and with only a 10 CFS drip it should be something big  to witness  , The weather has finally cooled down some with the late Indian summer heat seemingly gone for good , the leaf hatch is fully underway and the further down the SoHo you fish the more the leaf hatch becomes an issue . Pictured above and below are Ray and B-Rad on a recent float trip down the mighty SoHo , really cool to see Ray stick a decent brown ( pictured above ) on the Dry Fly in October , hog heaven gave up one last Gem of the regular season on the dry , love it ! , we will miss you  " Hog Heaven "  Thanks Again Ray and B-Rad for all the Great Memories Including the Awesome Dinner at Cootie Browns After Fishing , Really enjoyed the MoJo conversations about Fishing and Life with you Guys  . Living My Dream 









Hog Heaven Again 


Thank You Mr. Chuck For All the Great Memories From This Year , Especially The Super Yummy Dinners After Fishing at Cootie Browns , These Are the Best of Times - I Look Forward to Fishing with You in the Spring 2020 , Super Fun As Always to Watch you Stick some SoHo Beauty Wild Browns on the Dry Fly , Your the Best Chuck !!



The Regular Fishing Season Is About To End Here On The SoHo On October 31 2019   , This Means That The Adult Class Wild Brown Trout That Call This Amazing River Home Will Be Spawning Through November  - December and January , As of November 1 2019 There Are 2 Closed Sections of The River Where All Fishing is Prohibited , Check The Tennessee Anglers Guide For Exact locations That Close ,, This leaves The Rest Of The South Holston River Open To All legal Methods of Fishing , Some Key Things To Consider  If Your Planning A Trip to The South Holston River this Fall ...Limit How Much you Wade ..Do Not Wade Around Known Spawning Areas and Handle All Brown Trout With Extreme Care , Release All Spawning Brown Trout And Avoid Crossing The River Around Any Tailouts and Gravel Areas  Where Active Spawning  Redds ( Trout Nests ) Are Built By The Trout , Basically The Entire Upper SoHo Becomes Fragile After November First , Use Extreme Caution Around Nesting Trout  ! 

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Let The Spawn Begin 

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We have made it through another hot summer here in East Tennessee , the weather is still very  nice with recent record heat waves that have pushed the thermometer well into the 90s , i look back at last years reports at this time and the same trend of weather happened , with any luck at any time we should start to see a cooling trend and i am ready for that , i have had enough of the heat for this year , bring on the cool temps , The TVA has been giving consistent high water generation flows with some night time and early morning low water flows , its seems the trend right now is hovering around the 11 am release and 11-midnight shutoff which allows the best of both worlds as far as wade and float fishing options are , The name of the game is small bugs , size 20-22 zebra midges , pheasant tails , frenchies  and small scuds under the indicator are a good approach , articulated streamers with small wolly bugger  trailers fished on the high water will produce , there is still some decent dry fly action if you know where to look down low and near the dam area . The leaves are starting to fall and the further you fish down river the more the leaf hatch becomes an issue , and its only going to get worse as October approaches . Along with fall comes our annual migration of the amazing wild brown trout , there is already some serious concern arising here among the local guides i talk to about this years Spawn and the flow rate and generation , previously the last 2 years have been a mix of generous  Higher water sluice flows which have ultimately resulted in very little to no low water , in fact ,  i looked at last years journals and reports and we had almost no low water for the entire spawn , if the TVA does the annual draw down of the South Holston lake to reach the winter pool levels they possibly will run out of water soon  without some much needed significant rains ,  this could be a disaster  , why ? i will explain , right now the generation schedule is basically every day low water ( 10 CFS ) in the morning up untill 11 am or so , then they let it rip with the high water , with the SoHo  going from 10 CFS to 2200 CFS  , if we were to fast forward 3-4 weeks from now with this same release schedule the upper areas of the South Holston River will be stacked with fish migrating to the headwaters  , the fish were staging by the third week of October last fall however we had plenty of Sluice Flow water , if the current schedule remains going forward into October these fish will face some serious adversity and overall disrespect from the same group of guys who only fish here from Late October through December , i predict a massacre will take place on the low water of 10 CFS the browns will get abused to the point where the Mortality Rate and Hatch Out will be compromised and Many 22-32 Inch giant wild browns will leave on ropes and chain stringers headed for the freezer and grill , 10 CFS given the nature of this frog water means every wade angler east of the mighty miss will be here this fall to take their shot at a soho giant during this years spawn , with the TVA running water in the afternoon it will only encourage the runners to run and then the water will go from 2200 to 10 with the current trend and these fish are going to be come very fragile , not sure why the TVA can not administer a minimum flow rate from Nov 1 to Jan 31  ? , the only real insurance we can expect is the 2 closed sections will produce however once again when we have half of a day of low water 10 CFS this frog water even in the closed sections leaves these fish  most fragile and sitting ducks to every predator who easily can pick off their share of Spawning Browns that will indeed be spawning in several inches of low water for half the day or night , the otters , blue herons , ospreys and eagles  can do some serious damage , its now only a matter of days before the first runners show up at the headwaters and with this low water schedule and no more sluice flows i predict the worse for our precious browns , and why is it if we have this massive spawning area specifically right at the SoHo dam area at the Grates that the TWRA does not discourage all wading in these known spawning areas ? its almost like the TWRA  does not care at all about the entire spawning population and they are allowing the Unethical sportsmanship of Redd Treading to go on ? All the TWRA would have to do to help these fish succeed is , post well visible signs all around the headwaters and  Do Not Allow ANY Wading from Nov 1 - Jan 31 and make it  "no kill any browns " or adjust the PLR slot length to 15 -30 Inches , no kill ANY browns during the Spawn Time Frame  , if they posted no wading signs at the dam this would solve a big part of the problem and save thousands of trout ,  most of the respectable anglers here Would Agree  , not educating anglers as to what Redds are and allowing Uneducated and Disrespectful Anglers  to stomp on live active Redds with fertile wild brown trout eggs in them is a shame and should be addressed !  i would be all  in for this area of the SoHo closing down to all fishing from Nov 1 through Jan 31 or at least close the fishing down  from the grates all the way down to the second set of power lines or just extend it down to hickory tree bridge , let the takers fish ABOVE the wier  to the dam as those Spawning  fish are much much harder to catch and they dont stack up big like they do just below the grates , sorry if this sounds like a RANT or if im complaining however , i have seen what happens here in the fall on both low and high water seasons , i can honestly admit that its a shame to witness a 25 inch buck wild  brown trout Caught and then  Leave on the "Chain Stringer " its hard to witness and ive seen this dozens of times over the years , nobody ...not spin or fly fishermen should be able to kill and harvest a Wild Brown here while its Spawning ! Period !!



Thank You For Reading My Report - Tight Lines Ronnie .