2019 Fishing Reports

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SOHO Super Bowl MVP


12-12-17 The Fly Fishing continues to get better as fall turns into winter - Some Super cold air has moved into East Tennessee   There are hundreds of big brown trout here at the South Holston River Dam Area Headwaters - The Brown ones are being finessed on Trout Crack - Zebra Midges and Egg Patterns and  beads Dead Drifted with very little weight on the 340 CFS Sluice we are using 5/64 and 3/32 oz micro euro weight long leaders 12-15 feet on the 6x and 5 x fluorocarbon tip - The weather is freezing cold and the fishing is red hot - pre dawn first light is the best hands down - this brown trout pictured above is possibly the best buck of the season - near perfect specimen with a thick wide body - Heavily red spotted with a massive hook jaw - i fought this fish for 20 minutes after chasing him around and down the run he tapped out completely exhausted from the battle - Not sure how long or how much girth he has but I'm sure he is a solid Heavy fish  The last few days many fish have showed up for the big game - Friendly reminder that there are spawning redds here and the entire river is fragile so DO NOT WADE -  - thanks for checking the report 

Rudy The Evangelist


Rudy didn't know what to expect when this fish ate this morning 12-12 -17 - Epic battle and a score of a personal best brown trout for him- This is an ancient brown trout that taped over 27 inches- Congrats Rudy on taming this bad boy - love it when a plan comes together - The south Holston river is literally boiling with many brown trout of this caliber and now is the best time to catch a lifetime brown trout - We fish year round here at the south Holston river guide service - Book a Trip Anytime 980-833-3167 Thanks Ronnie Kirredge



As if the 27+ inch he caught the cast before this 24 + inch back to back trophys was not enough Rudy conquered the SOHO In just a few short hours he has claimed massive victories that some spend an entire season not achieving - way to go Rudy - you are a GOD sent - Really nice being part of this with you ! Bravo Friend




Steve Scores Big Repeat Offender


12-06-17 Steve drove 6 hours all the way from Maryland to fish the Fall Run on the SOHO and caught this lifetime Brown Trout - This fish is a regular as he has been caught numerous times in the last couple years pictured next to and below is the same brown trout from last fall i also caught him twice last dec / jan - congrats Steve on catching this Amazing Wide Body - Hump Back - Kyped Up Badass Wild Brown Trout - Really hoping that we get to see this Trout Again - Like all Special trout we Named him " Southern Justice '

SOHO Super Bowl Score


12-06-17 The Fly Fishing Remains Excellent here on the SOHO - TVA is Running the 1100 and 340 CFS sluice Flows - The Weather has been much cooler with daytime temps in the 40-50  degree range - Wild Brown Trout are being Finessed on 6x and 5x Tip with Trout Crack Glo Bugs and Midges fished at depth according to the flow - There are many Large Adult Wild Browns around right now and they are challenging to catch -Check Below for More Reports from the Big Game  


ThanksGiving Browns


Its Been An Awesome 2017 Fishing Season Here on the SOHO-Pictured Above Is A Buck from Yesterday 11-22-17 on the 1100 as the TVA Turned Down the Sluice the Browns Were Everywhere and the Action Was Fast Strong and at Times Unstoppable Power - We Sighted the First 20 Pound - 3 Foot Long Brown Trout Up Close at the Grates Under the Bridge on the 340 today - Awfully Intimidating -And Impressive - SHE is a Female That's Delivering Many Thousands of New Arrivals For Our Precious River - This Year Saw its Ups and Downs - I Learned alot and Fished alot - Near 200 Days and Nights Spent on the SOHO in 2017 Studying and Watching and Angling for These Magnificent Browns -TVA is Running the 340 Sluice and the 1100 Sluice Flows Consistently and the Fish Have Benefitted From it As There are Not Many Anglers Wading In the 1100 Giving the Fish a Break From the Redd Treading that Plagues the Upper SOHO Each and Every Fall - The Weather Has Been Nice 50-60 Degree Days and Cold Mornings With Temps On The River In The Mid 20s At Dawn - There Are Still Some Sulphurs Around With the Sunny Mild Days There Are Enough Bugs to Keep The Juvenile Trout Surface Feeding on Blue Wings and the Miracle Midge Providing Some Dry Fly Action  - Thanks For Checking The Report 

11-22-17 Birthday Browns



Adam Scores Big


The Fishing Remains Excellent here on the SOHO - TVA is Running Consistent Sluice Flows of 340 CFS and 1100 CFS - The Adult Browns Are On The Move and Feeding Aggressively on Egg Patterns  -Beads And Trout Crack Fished at Depth - The Action Has Been Fast and Strong - The Early Morning Hours Still are Producing the Best Results , This is Not to Say That the Rest of the Day is Not Productive However that Pre Dawn First Light Time Frame is Almost as Good as it Gets - The Weather has Cooled Off and We have Seen Mornings in the Mid 20 s with Frozen Guides Being Part of the Big Picture - Adam fished Sunday and Caught this Lifetime Buck Wild Brown Trout Pictured Above After an Epic Battle We Chased this Fish for More Than 100 yards Eventually Netting Him South of the Chimney Hole - Congrats Adam on this Amazing Capture - There are Still Dry Fly Fishing Opportunities Available Daily with a Hatch of Midges and Blue Wings with Surface Feeding Wild Trout if you know where to look - Friendly Reminder if Your Wading Anywhere on the SOHO This Fall Be Mindful of Spawning Redds - I'm seeing alot of Anglers in the Last 2 Weeks Wading in Areas That Are Hot Beds of Spawning Activity - Thanks For Checking the Report - Tight Lines Ronnie

11-5-17 Fishing Report

Chuck from NC


The Fishing has been Excellent here on the SOHO , Our Regular Season has Come to an end as of October 31 - Special Designated Areas of the SOHO are now Officially Closed to all fishing Through Jan 31 2018 - Chuck from North Carolina had some Great Late October Dry Fly Sulphur Action  Pictured above on a Cold Windy Freezing Day the Bite was Fast and Furious even with a stained off color SOHO these fish were feeding hard with the Impending Spawn Nearing -We are also catching Brown Trout on #20-22 Zebra Midges and  #22 Micro Scud Olive Trout Crack  - Iron Lotus and Turkey Tails all under a Glo Bug on the 6 and 5 x Flouro Tip - The weather overall has been really nice with near record temps as I'm writing this report its 60-70 degrees this weekend - not bad for November in east Tennessee - TVA is giving consistent generous sluice flows from 340 CFS - 1100 CFS providing some excellent wade and float fishing -The leaves are still falling however the upper soho is less effected by the leaf hatch .

Taylor Joyce


East Tennessee Tail Water Fly Girl Taylor Had Some Great Early November 2017 Dry Fly Action - This Fly Girl Can Fish - The Ability to Cast Long and Strait Line Projection Combined with Long Leaders and Precise Line Control With a Solid Dry Fly Hook Set is Proof Pictured Above How Beautiful the Art of Fly Fishing Really Is -  Very Nice To See You Taylor 

Dry Fly Tommy


South Holston River is known for its Small Bugs and Typically the Dry Fly Action is Mostly Sometimes a Micro Midge # 20-24 Game However Knowledgeable Anglers can Find These Pre Spawn Browns willing to Eat a Larger Bug in the Brief Early November 2017 Window of Opportunity Exploiting Big Size 10-12 Stimulators - As Pictured above As Proof these Fall Browns will Eat Almost Any Dry Fly when its Presented Right 

Gabes First Time Fly Fishing




 On November 2 2017 The 1100 CFS Flow Provided Excellent Sub Surface Miracle Midge Fishing a Size 22 Chocolate Zebra Midge Under a Glo Bug Produced this Near Perfect Buck Wild Brown Trout that Scored Above the PLR -At Dawn We Are Sighting Many Large Browns Performing the Pre Spawn Ritual of Leaping 2 Feet Out of the Water - Putting on an Impressive Show of the Magnitude and Caliber of the Runners That Migrate to the Headwaters of The South Holston River Dam  

Special Fishing Regulations Start November 1 ,2017


Fall Has Arrived here in East Tennessee and the Annual South Holston River Wild Brown Trout Migration in Underway - Starting November 1 2017 Designated areas of the SOHO Close Down to all Fishing while the Spawning Takes Place from November first to January 31  - there are over 3 miles of river that close if your not sure call me with any questions or look in the  Tennessee anglers guide for exact locations that close - This leaves the rest of the river open to all legal methods of fishing - If your fishing the south Holston river this fall be mindful of spawning Redds and try to limit where you wade  - typically the redds ( nests )  are built by trout around shallow gravel areas at the tail outs of pools - My recent ( August 2017 )interview with a Tennessee fisheries biologist revealed that in the last 36 months the wild trout population has exploded in the south Holston river with less than 5 % harvest the river is overpopulated now with 2-3 year old trout and growth rates annually are down  - 95 % of anglers who fish the south Holston river release their catch - right now the river needs  thinning  " THERE ARE TOO MANY TROUT"  - The weather has been great and the leaves are changing color now and as I write this report its finally raining after a dry September - TVA has been sluicing flows anywhere from 275 cfs - 2000 cfs and the fishing has been great - we are catching trout on midges scuds bwo  sulphurs and streamers - the early morning bite still seems to be the best overall action first 2 hours of daylight and we are usually getting a good hatch of sulphurs and olives and midges in the afternoon up high - The peak Night fishing season is over now however we still are fishing the night on low flow into daylight hours -Tight Lines Ronnie