FEBRUARY 25 , 2019



It Finally Stopped Raining here in East Tennessee - We Have have a Historical Amount Of Rainfall with the Wettest February Ever on Record and Major Flooding Has Happened  - The TVA is Fit to Be Tied with Record Setting Releases and Discharges  and We Expect them to Release an Enormous Amount of Water Right into Spring as Soon as this Runoff Runs Off- The Feeder Streams Have Crested as of This Report and River Levels are Starting  to Drop - The Lower Soho Is  UnFishable  With  Too Much Debris and Dirty Water Runoff Flowing Through it - - The Upper SoHo is Very Fishable with Dirty Water Lines Only Covering 30-40% of the fishable water - Fish the Mud line - These Fish on Lower Flows Can Be Almost Anywhere Unlike the Higher flows That Force Mid River Adult Wild  Fish to Take Up Tight to Shore where the Big Water Flows Push the Limits of the SoHo River  Banks and Shorelines  - The Fishing in late Winter Here is Good as Pictured above on February 21 , 2019 is  Mr  John Showing Off With a Low Water   Beautiful SoHo Streamer Eater on the 420 CFS Sluice Flow - Thanks for all the Great Memories John and JB , I Had Much  Much Fun Playing Guide for You Guys !  - Really Enjoyed the MoJo Conversations About the Sport of Fly Fishing  and Of Course the Kelly Galloup Chatter that Really Helps all of Us Become Better Anglers - @KellyGalloupBankRobber  @StreamerExpress @Huckin @AndreasAndersson  ...Looking Forward to the Night Fishing Trip with You Guys - Thanks For Reading - Check Below for More Recent Reports






Super Exciting When I Got The Phone Call From Matt Over In  North Carolina Saying He Bought A Brand New Fly Craft Boat and Was On His Way to the SoHo For The Maiden Voyage With This Awesome Craft - Matt Recruited Me to Help Him  With Rowing and Learning the Routes And Where to  Navigate On This Mighty Tailwater and The Game Was On - The TVA Was Spilling The 2800 CFS Sluice Flow When We Arrived After Having A Yummy Breakfast at Prices Restaurant - The Fly Craft Is Light Weight and Very Versatile - We Put this Vessel in at The South Holston River  Dam and Off We Went - The Fly Craft Performed Excellent on This Big Water - The Anchor System Is Legit and Easily Held in Many Spots Where We Stopped to Cast The Dry Fly at Rising Wild Trout Feasting on Blue Wings During the Heat of the Hatch - Easily Both of Us Casting Lines Were Able to Stand Up and Fish to the Risers - Great Anchor System - This Boat is Feather Light So After rowing a Full Size Fiber Glass Drift Boat  For the Last 3 Seasons ...Rowing the Fly Craft Seemed  To Be Almost Effortless Easy - Matt Also Did Excellent Rowing for His First Time - Really Cool to Get to Help Matt learn The Tailwater in His New Fly Craft Boat - We Both Fished  And The Bite Was Really Good - Big Numbers  On The Tight Line - No Indicator - No Split Shot - Sighter - 3 Fly Euro Nymph Rigs Proved Lethal Both From A Moving Boat and Anchored  - The Maiden Voyage of This Fly Craft Boat Proved To Be Very Fishy Indeed With Over 50 Trout Boated Mostly On The Tight Line and Dry Fly  - I Give The Fly Craft Boat 5 Stars  - Thanks For The Great Memories Matt and Good Luck With Your New Awesome Fly Craft Boat Tight Lines Ronnie 









JANUARY 04, 2019

Richie and Sara Claire


Happy New Year from the South Holston River - The TVA Has Been Giving us Consistent High Water Flows  - 3000 CFS  Sluice  Has Provided Some Challenging Conditions - The Weather has been mild with above average temps  and we have already seen one snow storm that gave us 10-12 inches of snow - Saturation levels have The South Holston Lake At Full Pool and we expect the TVA to continue to run big flows for the remainder of the winter - Currently as of this report the SoHo is Spilling at 3010 CFS sluice - Massive Angry Big Water that adds Another level and Angle to Controlled Depth Sub Surface Fly Fishing - I Would Not Mind if the TVA Would turn it down just a Little bit - The 2500 Was Good -  The Big Game Truly Has Been a Big Game in Every Way - The Brown ones still continue to provide some late in the Game Action for those who Do Not Sit At  Home all Winter Playing Pro on Social Media - We love Dry Fly Fishing  - And Streamer Fishing  - The Egg Bite Remains Good as the SoHo is Full of Trout Eggs - Trout Crack and Midges Fished Under Pink and Yellow Egg Patterns Are Producing Fish  - Special Thanks to Everyone who that Came here to the SoHo to fish with me in 2018 - The Fishing here is Good as Pictured above on Jan 2 , 2019 - Richie and Sara Claire Smiling with A SoHo Beauty  - Excellent Work Richie on 3000 cfs - Super Proud of Both of you for Fishing hard on the Big Water - Thanks for the Great Memories - See You on Spring Break -  Check Below for more Reports from the Big Water Game 


Sara Claire


We Sure are Lucky  to Call Our Passion Our Job - Jan 2  2019 - Pictured Above is University of Alabama Fly Girl  Sara Claire and Richie  - Sara is New to Fly Fishing and a Fast Learner Especially on 3000 CFS  in the Rain -  in the Winter - Super Proud of you Sara for Fishing Hard and Putting in a Full Effort - Really Exciting when it Happened for You on this Brown - The Excitement level and Energy You Bring is the Payoff for Me as a Guide - Not Bad for Your Third Ever Wild Brown Trout of Your Life - On 3000 CFS - On The Fly - - Thank You Richie and Sara for the Life Time Memories - Happy New Year 

Fishing For Smiles


South Holston River


Matt and Evan Put In a Solid Effort Fishing the BWO Dry Fly and  Small Egg Patterns  Under the Indicator Producing Some Good Results Early and Often on a Beautiful Winter Float Trip Down the SoHo  - Thanks for the Good Time and Great Memories Matt and Evan -Really Exciting to See  You Guys  Catch These Trout In  late  December on Both Dry Fly and Nymph Fishing - Looking Forward to Helping  You Out With The New Fly Craft Boat 


Dry Fly Evan


December 26 2018 - Evans First Ever Wild Brown on a Size 20 BWO Dry Fly Fishing   -  Finess Sight Fishing  to Rising Wild Brown Trout in Late December - We Had a Late Afternoon Small Hatch of Blue Wings and Managed to Sight Fish to a Few Surface Feeding Post Spawn Wild Brown Trout - Super Exciting to Watch it Happen for You Evan - This is Only the Second Dry Fly Fish of His Life and his First Wild Brown on a Dry Fly  - Kinda Cool When We Picked Out the Right Dry Fly ,,Tied it On and The First Cast this Fish Fell for it - Love It -  - Bravo Evan 

This Guy Can Fly Fish


With a Full Effort It Did Not Take Matt Long to Get the Drift Dialed in and the Hook Set on Point - Getting the Skunk Stink off the Boat Early Always Feels  Good - Matt Showing Off with a Wild Brown One - Really Had a Fun Trip with You Guys - Looking Forward to the Fly Craft Adventures to Come -  Nice Work Sir !


Brett Scores Big


Sometimes Pictures Do Not Give Justice to How Beautiful These Wild Browns Really Are  - Pictured Above is Brett Hoisting a 23 inch Mega Buck With Some impressive Features - Showing Kype and a Full Spawning Garb  - Most Impressive Capture - Trout Crack Fished at Depth on the Swing  Rolling on the  Tight Line  -No Indicator on 2400 CFS - Great Job Catching This Buck on this Big Flow - Love it When We Have the Entire Run to Ourselves - No Crowd Here - Bravo Friend  


Gunner and Cody


Good Times and Great Company with these 2 Fishy Dudes - Gunner and Cody Pictured Above During a Stream Side Lunch Break  Decided  to Take the Blue Hornet for a Joy Ride While the  Guide  Was Stretching His Legs -They Also Made a Joke at the Start of the Trip by Asking To  Bring a Chain Stringer - haaaaaa,,, Lots of Laughs with These Guys and  Some Nice Trout Boated and Not Boated ...Sigh...Still Sour About that Cody ..Rookie Guide -.Thanks For All The Great Memories Gunner and Cody 


Open Season February First


The Vince Lombardi Award for This 2018 Big Water Big Game Goes to the TVA - Thank You TVA for Running An Enormous Amount of Water During this Entire Spawn - The Results of  This Big Game will Provide Healthy Future Populations for the SoHo  with Future Generations of Trout Benefiting from This  year  - These Fish Caught a Huge Break from the Redd Treading that Usually Plagues the Upper SoHo Resulting in a Huge Hatch out and Mortality Rate -- As of Feb First 2019 There Are 2 Sections of the river that Re Open to All Fishing - These Fish in Those Areas Have Not Seen a Fly in 3 Months and the Post Spawn Streamer Show Should be Really Good - If You Want a Shot at Some of These fish Feel Free to Message me or Book a Trip Anytime - Thank You All For Reading My Fishing Reports - Tight Lines Ronnie

Thank You For Visiting


Checking the Year End Analytics  for This Site and The Numbers are Really Good - Both Unique Visits and Repeat Visitor Numbers Are  High - Thank You To Everyone Who Has Fished With Me And Those Who Visit This Web Site to Read My Fishing Reports -Ronnie