JANUARY 04 , 2019

Richie and Sara Claire


Happy New Year from the South Holston River - The TVA Has Been Giving us Consistent High Water Flows  - 3000 CFS  Sluice  Has Provided Some Challenging Conditions - The Weather has been mild with above average temps  and we have already seen one snow storm that gave us 10-12 inches of snow - Saturation levels have The South Holston Lake At Full Pool and we expect the TVA to continue to run big flows for the remainder of the winter - Currently as of this report the SoHo is Spilling at 3010 CFS sluice - Massive Angry Big Water that adds Another level and Angle to Controlled Depth Sub Surface Fly Fishing - I Would Not Mind if the TVA Would turn it down just a Little bit - The 2500 Was Good -  The Big Game Truly Has Been a Big Game in Every Way - The Brown ones still continue to provide some late in the Game Action for those who Do Not Sit At  Home all Winter Playing Pro on Social Media - We love Dry Fly Fishing  - And Streamer Fishing  - The Egg Bite Remains Good as the SoHo is Full of Trout Eggs - Trout Crack and Midges Fished Under Pink and Yellow Egg Patterns Are Producing Fish  - Special Thanks to Everyone who that Came here to the SoHo to fish with me in 2018 - The Fishing here is Good as Pictured above on Jan 2 , 2019 - Richie and Sara Claire Smiling with A SoHo Beauty  - Excellent Work Richie on 3000 cfs - Super Proud of Both of you for Fishing hard on the Big Water - Thanks for the Great Memories - See You on Spring Break -  Check Below for more Reports from the Big Water Game 


Sara Claire


We Sure are Lucky  to Call Our Passion Our Job - Jan 2  2019 - Pictured Above is University of Alabama Fly Girl  Sara Claire and Richie  - Sara is New to Fly Fishing and a Fast Learner Especially on 3000 CFS  in the Rain -  in the Winter - Super Proud of you Sara for Fishing Hard and Putting in a Full Effort - Really Exciting when it Happened for You on this Brown - The Excitement level and Energy You Bring is the Payoff for Me as a Guide - Not Bad for Your Third Ever Wild Brown Trout of Your Life - On 3000 CFS - On The Fly - - Thank You Richie and Sara for the Life Time Memories - Happy New Year 

Fishing For Smiles


South Holston River


Matt and Evan Put In a Solid Effort Fishing the BWO Dry Fly and  Small Egg Patterns  Under the Indicator Producing Some Good Results Early and Often on a Beautiful Winter Float Trip Down the SoHo  - Thanks for the Good Time and Great Memories Matt and Evan -Really Exciting to See  You Guys  Catch These Trout In  late  December on Both Dry Fly and Nymph Fishing - Looking Forward to Helping  You Out With The New Fly Craft Boat 


Dry Fly Evan


December 26 2018 - Evans First Ever Wild Brown on a Size 20 BWO Dry Fly Fishing   -  Finess Sight Fishing  to Rising Wild Brown Trout in Late December - We Had a Late Afternoon Small Hatch of Blue Wings and Managed to Sight Fish to a Few Surface Feeding Post Spawn Wild Brown Trout - Super Exciting to Watch it Happen for You Evan - This is Only the Second Dry Fly Fish of His Life and his First Wild Brown on a Dry Fly  - Kinda Cool When We Picked Out the Right Dry Fly ,,Tied it On and The First Cast this Fish Fell for it - Love It -  - Bravo Evan 

This Guy Can Fly Fish


With a Full Effort It Did Not Take Matt Long to Get the Drift Dialed in and the Hook Set on Point - Getting the Skunk Stink off the Boat Early Always Feels  Good - Matt Showing Off with a Wild Brown One - Really Had a Fun Trip with You Guys - Looking Forward to the Fly Craft Adventures to Come -  Nice Work Sir !


Brett Scores Big


Sometimes Pictures Do Not Give Justice to How Beautiful These Wild Browns Really Are  - Pictured Above is Brett Hoisting a 23 inch Mega Buck With Some impressive Features - Showing Kype and a Full Spawning Garb  - Most Impressive Capture - Trout Crack Fished at Depth on the Swing  Rolling on the  Tight Line  -No Indicator on 2400 CFS - Great Job Catching This Buck on this Big Flow - Love it When We Have the Entire Run to Ourselves - No Crowd Here - Bravo Friend  


This Dude


This Dude Probably Could Have Netted His Own Trout However This is the Big Water Big Game and 20 inch Browns Do Not Happen Everyday - OK,, Well Sometimes They Do But This Capture was Unique  - Its Not Everyday That I Exit My Own Boat on 2400 CFS - Mid River to Help Shaner Net One of his Best Bucks of the Year - I Actually Jumped in Mid Air over 2400 CFS  From My Boat to Shanes boat ( FV Sulphur ) to Assist With a Superior Net Job and  Photo Opp - Super Proud of You Shaner - Congrats on this Beautiful Hook Jaw - Paddle Tail Chunk of SoHo Gold - High Score - Lifetime Memory - Good Luck Shane With  Your New Adventures with Patrick and the SHRC  - Thanks for Being My Friend - Love This Guy


Gunner and Cody


Good Times and Great Company with these 2 Fishy Dudes - Gunner and Cody Pictured Above During a Stream Side Lunch Break  Decided  to Take the Blue Hornet for a Joy Ride While the  Guide  Was Stretching His Legs -They Also Made a Joke at the Start of the Trip by Asking To  Bring a Chain Stringer - haaaaaa,,, Lots of Laughs with These Guys and  Some Nice Trout Boated and Not Boated ...Sigh...Still Sour About that Cody ..Rookie Guide -.Thanks For All The Great Memories Gunner and Cody 


Open Season February First


The Vince Lombardi Award for This 2018 Big Water Big Game Goes to the TVA - Thank You TVA for Running An Enormous Amount of Water During this Entire Spawn - The Results of  This Big Game will Provide Healthy Future Populations for the SoHo  with Future Generations of Trout Benefiting from This  year  - These Fish Caught a Huge Break from the Redd Treading that Usually Plagues the Upper SoHo Resulting in a Huge Hatch out and Mortality Rate -- As of Feb First 2019 There Are 2 Sections of the river that Re Open to All Fishing - These Fish in Those Areas Have Not Seen a Fly in 3 Months and the Post Spawn Streamer Show Should be Really Good - If You Want a Shot at Some of These fish Feel Free to Message me or Book a Trip Anytime - Thank You All For Reading My Fishing Reports - Tight Lines Ronnie

Thank You For Visiting


Checking the Year End Analytics  for This Site and The Numbers are Really Good - Both Unique Visits and Repeat Visitor Numbers Are  High - Thank You To Everyone Who Has Fished With Me And Those Who Visit This Web Site to Read My Fishing Reports -Ronnie