This Season has Been Excellent for the Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the SOHO - The final days of the summer of 2018 are upon us now - The low water sluice flows have  provided some good sight fishing oppertunities - we are still having our best shot at these fish in the early and late hours of daylight on the lower flows- this is not to say the mid day hours are not productive however the hot sun and low clear water combined with the fishing pressure here equates to educated spooky wild trout - these fish are people shy - drift boat shy and leader shy - The summer rains just arrived and deposited several inches of rain and now most of the soho is a muddy mess of chocolate milk colored water - lower soho is not fishable as of this report however the Upper SOHO Dam Aerea is very fishable right now - 08 - 19- 18 - TVA has been running the 390 CFS Sluice Flow for most of the summer and im ready for bigger flows now - The water will be Turned  on today with added flows to 1800 CFS wich should take at least a day and then some to flush out the dirty water runoff right now the Upper Soho from the Dam to hickory tree bridge is the only fishable water for miles  -We have had a great Summer so far - the biggest hatches have come and gone as we eagerly await the arrival of Fall and The Ultimate Migration of these Magnificent Wild Browns - Its Great To Be Alive - Check Below for More Late Summer 2018 SOHO Fly Fishing  Reports 

Chuck Getting Fishy


The  dog days of summer didn't stop chuck from getting bent - sometimes on the low clear water sluice flows combined with the high super bright sunny days and no real hatch occuring these SOHO Trout can play the game waayy better than a rookie guide -  its always a lot of fun when chuck can fool them on the surface or sub surface - congrats on the beautiful rainbow Mr, Chuck - even if it was a scorching hot day and no dry fly action I still had  fun fishing with you  - Baetis continue to provide almost year round sub surface action - The name of the game is not to spook them with the boat and the fly line wich is easier said than done  - Fly Line Sucks - - 6X long leaders 12-15 feet - Thread body midges -Finess Micro Weight  Nymph Rigs seem to get the best reaction - Long Dead Drift Extension - Once you catch them and stick a few they spook and you mine as well keep it moving - Thanks for checking the report - Tight Lines Ronnie


Evans First Trout Ever



Summer is for Making Memories that Will Last a Lifetime , The South Holston River Continues to Produce Some of Those Memories Right Now  , Pictured above is Young 14 Year Old Evan from Florida - This is  His First Time Ever Fly Fishing - From the look on His Face...I think he is Hooked for Life , Thank you Evan for the Great Time and Memories - I  had A lot of Fun Getting the Oppertunity to be Your Guide - Great Times Had  showing Evan  some of the SoHo ...Congrats Evan on your First Ever Wild Brown Trout Fly Fishing Success - Kinda Exciting When Your First 5 Trout Are All Caught on a Dry Fly - Really liking My Job -  Thanks for Checking the Report - Tight Lines Ronnie




Sometimes Life Throws a Curve Ball at Us and We Completely Strike Out - We all Want to Live the Dream - Sometimes that Dream gets the Best of You - The South Holston River Continues to Provide a Glimpse of that  Dream Here and Now - Its hard to Describe from a Keyboard the Level of FUN and Happiness the SOHO can  Provide at Any Given Time- Its an Amazing River -  Having the Time of My Life - The Weather Has Been Hot and Humid with Some  90s During the  Day Shift - TVA has Reduced the Flow Now July 09,2018 to a Minimum Flow Rate of 200 CFS , Basically the Water Has Been Shut Off and the River Has Shrunk  to its Lowest Level in Many Months - The Dry Bugs Are Anything but Consistent - We are Fishing Almost Everything - Dry Fly - Streamer - Nymph -Mouse - A Friendly Reminder... If You Are Fishing this Summer as Ambient Temperatures Across this Country  Reach Thier Thermal Maximum Limit - Consider How Fragile Some Rivers and Streams Can Get and The Trout That Live in Those Rivers and  Streams Become Extremely Fragile When Water Temps Reach the Upper 60 Degree Range ...That's the Limit to When Fishing for Trout Should be Limited to  Night Fishing  or Early Mornings or No Fishing At All in 67+ Degree Water   Handle with Extreme Care - - We Are Fortunate Enough Here in East Tennessee to Have Year Round Cold 40-50 Degree Water Temps That are a Big Part of Why We Have Such Tremendous Brown Trout Fishing Oppertunities- The Fly Fishing Has Been Great Day and Night as Pictured Above and Below- Thanks For Checking The Report - Tight Lines Ronnie