JUNE 30 2019



June of 2019 Has Come And Gone ... June Was A Great Month For Dry Fly Fishing On The South Holston River ...We Have Seen Some Of The Best Dry Fly Fishing Ever Here On The SoHo ....Blizzard Blanket Hatches That Have The Trout  Looking Up Every Afternoon ... You Can Call It A Feeding Frenzy Because When You Witness This Type Of Top Water Surface Feeding  Phenom Happen With Your Own Eyes...It Is Certainly A Feeding Frenzy For Hours Each and Every Afternoon... The Last Couple Weeks of June Have  Been Nothing Short Of Fantastic World Class Dry Fly Fishing ...The Weather Has Been Hot and Somewhat Humid Allowing The Clouds To Produce Thunder Showers On Some Of The Afternoons Lately ...If You Dont Mind A Brief Shower ?  Its Well Worth Waiting Out A 30-45 Minute Rain Event And As Soon As It Stops Raining The Yellow Bugs  and The  Fly Fishing Explodes ....The Action Is Fast And The Well Trained Trout Eyes Can Easily Sight Some Quality / Trophy Size Wild Brown Trout Hammering Big Yellow Bugs Off The Surface ...Some Of the Eats Are Mean ...These Fish Really Attack These MayFlys With Some Serious Aggression and Speed ...Wait For It ...Finally It Seems That the TVA Is  Getting Back to Normal With The Generation ..After 2 + Years of Releasing Various Sluice Flows ...We Now Have The Normal Generation Schedule Back.... So For Now  its Either Alot Of Water Or Frog Water ..10 CFS or 2300 CFS  ...Pictured Above  On June 29 2019 is Me ...Ronnie Kittredge (Big Fish Soho Guide )  With a Trophy   SoHo Wild Brown Trout Captured at the Grates While Waiting for the TVA to Turn On The Water...Hopefully The TVA Will Continue This New Trend Of Generating ...We Love The Big Water ...Check Below For More Recent Pictures Of My Special Guests From Alabama Having Some Dry Fly Late June 2019  High Water Success On The Mighty SoHo ....Thanks For The Great Memories  Fletcher and "Francis "  Haaaa.....Had A Blast Watching You Guys  Fly Fish  These Yellow Bug Eaters ...Right Now Is An Excellent Time For Dry Fly Fishing ...Lets Go Fishing ....I Have All The Gear You Need For Success ...Fly Rods... Fly Reels ..Fly Lines .. Flys And A Nice  Drift Boat Waiting For You ....I Am Still Alive ....Its Great To Be Alive ...Call Or Text Me Anytime ...My Cell Phone Is Always On ...980-833-3167 ....Thank You All For Reading My Fishing Reports ....Tight Lines Ronnie 







JUNE 26 2019 SCORE




JUNE 25 2019



The Drift Boat Dry Fly Fishing This Past Week On The South Holston River  Has Been Most Impressive ... In Previous Years We Have Witnessed  Some Amazing May Fly Hatches Here on The SoHo  In Recent Years However.... This Year The Yellow Bugs Are Hatching By The Billions ...Just An Incredible Massive Amount of Big  Sulphurs Making Daily Appearances ...These Are Large Bugs ...Some Of Them Are Size 12 - 14 ....Huge Bugs  For the SoHo .....Depending On Where You look and Fish The Yellow Bugs  Are Emerging Anywhere From 1 pm -- to --3 pm ...And They Keep Hatching For Hours Giving the Dry Fly Angler More Than Enough Shots At Surface Feeding SoHo Browns and Rainbow Trout . ... Your Arms Will Ache from Fighting Trout and From Dry Fly Casting....50-100 Fish Days .. ..Usually I Do Not Write About The Big Ones That Got Away ....Soooo To Avoid My Blood Pressure Level  From Going Where My Doctor Does Not Want It To Go  .. I Will Not Mention The One or The Two or The Three Large Size Browns That Managed To School Me At The Rail of the Boat At The Net At the Finish Line This Past Week  ...Talk About a Slump ....Sometimes I Really Suck ....Reality .... Easier Said Than Done As We Sometimes Only Land One Out of Every 3 or 4 PLR  Fish That We Stick .....Usually I Do Not Fail 3 Times In A Row At The Finish Line On 1500 CFS  On PLR Fish  However .... I Have Been Schooled And Rattled  Once Again By The Giants ..... So We Will Not Write About Them Anymore In This Report ...Rookie ....The Weather Has Been Nice And Somewhat Warm With Sunny  80 + Degree Days ...We Have Had The Usual Summer Late Afternoon Thunder Storms Here And There ....The TVA has Been Giving Great Sluice Flows  From 1100-1500 CFS Ultimately Providing Us With Excellent Drift Boat  Float Fishing ....Happy Start of Summer ...I Do Not have any Streamer or Nymph Fishing Reports To Add To This Report This Time Around Because The Only Fly Fishing That Has Happened In My Boat  ( F / V Blue Hornet ) Lately Has Been Dry Fly Only  ....A Friendly Reminder As Summer Begins... If You Are Fishing Where Water Temps Can Reach Near 70 Degrees ?   Consider Limiting How Much You Fish Those Waters ....I Am Not Telling Anyone How or Where to Fish or When to Fish However ...When Water Temps Reach the Mid to Upper 60 Degree Temperatures the Trout Become Very Fragile as Dissolved Oxygen levels Occur ....If You Are Catch and Release Fishing in Water Temps Over 67 Degrees More than likely You Are killing Trout  ...Give The Trout A Break In The Warm Months of Summer ...Here In East Tennessee on the SoHo We Have Year Round Super Cold Water Temps Especially Anywhere Near the South Holston River Dam Headwaters ...As Of Today June 25 2019 I Took The Water Temperature On the SoHo  Today At 2 PM Under High Bright Sun And The Water Temperature  On The Surface Was 49 Degrees And the Bottom of the River Water Temp Was 48 degrees... So We Are Very Fortunate Here On The SoHo  To Have Super Cold Year Round Water Temps That Are A Huge Part Of Why We Have Such Tremendous Brown and Rainbow Trout Fishing .....Pictured Above Is One Of My Best SoHo Dry Fly Sulphur  Rainbows Captured  To Date ...Probably Is  A Top 5 Dry Fly Rainbow For Me On This Mighty Tailwater....Captured Today June 25 2019  Just Below The SoHo Dam Above The Weir Dam 200 Yards Below The Dam ....Spot Burning  Again ...Spot Burning and Info Sharing Are One In The Same ....I Am Still Alive ...Its Great To Be Alive ...Thanks For Checking The Report  ..Tight Lines Ronnie 


JUNE 15 2019



The Dry Fly Fishing On The South Holston River Right Now Is  Excellent ....We Are Having Daily Epic Sulphur Hatches  As I Write This Report ....The Yellow Bugs Are Emerging Every Day Around 1 pm and They  Hatch For Hours Giving the Dry Fly Angler A Silly Generous Amount Of Targets To Cast A Dry Fly At ......Thousands Of Wild Browns Eating Yellow Bugs  Every Few Seconds ....The SoHo  Boils With Surface Feeding Everywhere You Look .  If You Were To Close Your Eyes  While Out On The SoHo  And Just Listen to the Popping Noise That Occurs  During These Blizzard Hatches... You Just Might Believe The Storys  You Read That Claim That There Are Indeed 9000 Trout Per Square Mile Of This Amazing World Class River  ...Sure The Biggest Bio Mass of Yellow Bugs Are Hatching Up High Near the Headwaters However There Are Sulphurs Through Out the Entire Tailrace ...From The Dam to Bluff City You Can Find These Amazing Yellow Bugs Almost Everywhere You Look and Plenty of Willing Hungry Trout Taking Full Advantage of This Phenom...Not To Mention What Happens At Dusk ...So I Wont Mention It ....The Weather Has Been Warm and Sunny And The TVA Has Turned On The Water Once Again ...We Have Been Blessed With High Water Sluice Flows - 2100 CFS  & 1100 CFS  As Of This Report Which I Believe Has Encouraged the May Fly Hatch to Explode .....If Big Numbers of Trout Caught Daily Are Important To You ?  Then Now Is The Time For You .....The Best Part And Coolest Part  About Presenting These Yellow Bugs Is....On the Lower Sluice Flows With Crystal Clear Water and Bright Sun Illuminating The Entire Water Column ....Most Of The Eats Are Entirely Visible From the Bottom to the Top ....Even at 40 feet We Can See These Trout Turn Their Pectoral Fins and Lift Off From the Bottom Of The River Rising Up to Eat the Fly ...Optically the Refusals Are Almost As Fun to See As the Eats ...These is nothing More  Fun To Me Than This Type of Fly Fishing  ....Hopefully The TVA Will Continue to Give Us these Great Sluice Flows .....If You Are Thinking About Coming to Fish the SoHo ? And If You Desire To Catch Wild Trout On The Dry Fly ? Now Is Probably Among One Of The Best Times For Dry Fly Success ...Lets Go Fishing ..I Have All The Gear You Need And A Nice Drift Boat For You To Fish From ...Its Great To Be Alive ...You Can Call  or Text Me Anytime ...980-833-3167 or Book A Trip Right Here On This Web Site - Thank You For Checking The Fishing Report - Tight Lines Ronnie 


JUNE 5 2019



The Current Low Water Chronicles Courtesy Of The TVA Have The Trout All  Grouped Up ... Spooky Large Pockets Of Fish - We Are Sighting Big Groups Of Trout In The Lower  Areas Of The South Holston River - Massive Schools Of 200-500 Trout  Mostly At The Head And Tail Outs Of The Flat Water Pools  - The Fly Fishing On This Current Stretch Of 290 CFS Is Indeed Challenging - The Seemingly All To Familiar Routine Is ... When You Stick One Or Two You Will Lose The Rest of the School to Spooking Them ...As We All Know ...When One Spooks They All Spook ...Especially The Adults ...The Weather Is Nice And There Are Alot Of May Flys Hatching ...Timing Still Seems To Be Everything With the Yellow Bug Parades Unless You Wait Untill Dusk .....Millions Of Reproducing Sulphurs ...Falling... From Above Like A Blizzard ..Pictured Above Is Russell From NC With Big Fish SoHo Guide ... Me ... Ronnie Kittredge ...Proudly Posing In Awe  With A True SoHo Giant Buck Wild Brown ...Captured On  June 4 2019 - No Doubt This Brown Is A Lake Runner - Sighted At Distance And Chased To The Finish Line....Hog Heaven Monster... This Catch Is One For The Books ..Hook Jaw ...Hump Back  ... Paddle Tail And A Thick Wide Body Are On Full Display Here ..Near Perfect ...World Class ...No Numbers or Sizes Quoted  Here  ..Trust Your Imagination That This Buck Scores Way Above The Protected Length Range ....Thanks Russell and Doug For The Big Memories ....Like All Special Trout We Named Him ...Appropriately  After The Worlds Fastest Runner  ... " Usain Bolt  " .... ... Hopefully We Will Have Some Steady Rains Soon  That Should Up The TVA  Flow Rate .. As Of This Report The Weather Man Is Calling For Significant Rains In The Coming Days And It Is Just Now Starting To Rain ..Bring On The High Water ...Thanks For Reading The Report ...Tight Lines Ronnie 






 JUNE 2019



JUNE 2019


MAY 20 , 2019 




The Dry Fly Fishing and The Nymph Fishing and the Streamer Fishing All Are Producing Good Numbers of Quality / Trophy Size Trout - The TVA Is Running The 1500 CFS Sluice As Of This Report -Rumor Has It That The TVA will be Cutting the Flow Down to 225 CFS ....We Will See ...The Weather Has Been Hot - The Bite Has Been Hot - Pictured Above On May 19 , 2019 Is Georgia Fly Girl  Miss Sara Claire and Richie Proudly Showing Off  With A  SoHo Dry Fly Micro Miracle Midge  Eating Trophy Class  Slot Length ( PLR )Chubby Rainbow  - Talk About Pure Chaos and Excitement While Capturing This SoHo Beauty - Fish Has A Wide Body and  Paddle Tail  - Long Leader And Light 6x Tip Proved To Work In Our Favor  - Finess Reach Casting  and Point and Shoot Casting Options Prove To Be Lethal Approaches On This Mighty Tailwater  - After An  Intense Battle With This Rainbow and About 8 Minutes Of Coaching Miss Sara Claire..... We Managed To Finally NOT Fail At The Net - Kudos Sara For Taking Your  Angling Skills  To  The Next Level - Bravo Richie For Moving The Boat Like A Pro  While We Battled This Fish At The Net - You Are A Fast Learn Sara Claire  - Really Proud Of  Both Of You ....We Were Hooked Up Good From The Start of The Trip Untill 7 PM When This Rainbow Pictured Above Was Captured ...Ultimately Topping Off The Day - We Fished and Caught Trout On Streamers & Nymphs & The Dry Fly ...All In The Same Day -  This Rainbow Is and Was The Happy Birthday Sara Icing On The Cake - Bravo  Richie And Sara Claire - Thank You Sara For Spending Your 21st Birthday With Me - Mucho  Gracias Mr.  Richie For The Lifetime Memories - Check Below For More Fishing Reports & Photos  - Thanks For Checking The Report - Tight Lines Ronnie 





Georgia Fly Girl Sara Claire