South Holston River Beauty


06-23-18 The SOHO Continues to Impress With the 400 CFS Sluice Flow Courtesy of the TVA Providing Us with Some Excellent Drift Boat Float Fishing  Opportunities - Pictured Above Captured a Few Short Hours Ago is a Pretty Female Wild Brown Trout caught on a May Fly after 7 pm - Light Tip 6X - Long Leader - Some Nights are Better Than Others - We are Having Shots at Fish like this Almost Every Time We Float the Hog Heaven - Right Now the SOHO is Producing  Good Numbers of Quality Browns on Dry Flys - Its Almost Unreal to Witness What Happens Here at Dusk Sometimes - The River Boils with Surface Feeding Almost at a Frenzy Level With Dozens of Trout at a Time Actively Eating as Many Bugs as They Can Possibly Eat in the Low Light of Dusk  - Its Truly a Blessing to Get to Live Here Along This River and Fish for These Amazing Magnificent Wild Browns- Right Now the  Sulphur Show Takes all the Glory However the BWO and Olive Midge and Some Small Attractors will Work if You Present Them Right - Or You Could Just Break Out the 9 wt and Fire Away with Heavy Leaders and a Streamer of Your Choice Although They All Work if You Yank It Enough - The Weather is Perfect and the Early Evening Float Trips are About as Good As It Can Get in the Summer Heat - Night Fishing Has Been ok but The Sluice Flow Also Brings With it the Fog At Night Making the Whole Night Game a Challenge at times - Check Below for More of This Report



Today is a Great Day to be Alive and Free - Summer of 2018 is Heating Up with the FIshing About as Good As It Can Get on Both of The Tailwaters - The Watauga River is Flowing at a Cool 250 CFS and Very Fishable Now - Dry Fly Fishing on the SOHO has Been Excellent Once Again on the 400 CFS Sluice Flow Courtesy of the TVA -  Sulphurs are Ramping Up - Some of the Strongest Fastest Dry Fly Action of the Season  is Occurring From 4 pm - 9 pm - Prolific Evening Duns and The Massive Spinner Fall that Happens  on Most Evenings is Incredible to Experience - The Weather Has Been Hot and We Have Had Less Rain  After Finally Reaching a Saturation Point - The Pond is Full - Pictured Above Captured Earlier This Evening  is Very Possibly One of the Nicest Most Handsome Near Perfect  Mega Buck Wild Brown Trout  to Grace The Boat this Year - Scored on the Surface  - MayFly Eating Sighter - Like All Special Trout I Named Him ..His Name is Walter -Dubbed the Hog Heaven - The Beat  Pictured Above in the Back Ground Has Provided Some of The Best Fly Fishing of This Season and Some of The Best I Have Ever Experienced in My life -  Some Guys Would Say I Am " Spot Burning " Myself - Finess Fishing - 6 x tip - 15 Foot Leader -  Sulphur Dry Fly  - F / V Blue Hornet in Stinging Position -  Some  Quality Fish Are Showing Up and Most of Them Are Caught After 7 pm - The Magicical  Hours When Photuris illuminate  the Air and The River Surface - Watching Lightning Bugs Get Hammered Off The Top by Hungry Trophy Trout is Certainly a Sight to See - Yeah the Streamer Fishing is Productive Right Now if Fishing with 10 Pound Test leaders  and Huge Loud Flashy Flies with Big Tandem Hooks is Your Style  - Tonight We Are Celebrating Not Only This Awesome Capture Pictured Above but Also An Ending to a 3 Year Old Monkey Off My Back - Southern Justice Won Big Today and I Now Have Legally Removed  And Evicted and Exterminated the Very Last of The Most Obsessed Jealous Negative Wanna Bee Social Media  Trolls From My life - Sometimes In Life You Have To Do Things You May Not Normally Do to Achieve a Goal and I Set Out to Achieve That Goal 3 Years Ago and Its Finally Paid Off Legally For Me -  Love It When a Plan  Comes Together -  If You Are Planning a Trip To The SOHO or Watauga Rivers Now is a Great Time - We Float Fish the High and Low Water Flows- Having Access to Water Where the Wade Fishing Does Not Exist Has Its Benefits - I Highly Recommend Floating the SOHO  On The Low Flows From A Drift Boat - Call or Text Me Anytime Day or Night -  My Personal Cell Phone is Always On - 980-833-3167  - For more reports check below



With the sheer amount of fishing guides here that fish the day shift  combined with the large amount recreational kuyackers floating everywhere plus the swimmers swimming equals  all around  chaos during the mid day hours - With scorching 90 degree sun all day the Night Fishing for what its worth is really the best choice  for me this time of year with the Low Flows courtesy of the TVA the night game has officially started here for us on the SOHO -Pictured above on June 17 2018 a decent buck caught in the dwindling light of dusk at 930 pm - The Fishing at night is challenging especially with the Beat Socked in with  Heavy Fog and a Million  Flying Insects  Swarming the Light  -The challenge to get a  Decent picture becomes Real lol - Sorry about the low quality image - Thanks for checking the report - Its Great To Be Alive - Tight Lines Ronnie




It Has been a Great week fishing here on the South Holston River in East Tennessee -I just  had the best dry fly fishing of my life -The evening of june 6 2018 saw the capturing of several Trophy Wild Brown Trout on the Dry Fly Including the Mega Buck Ass Wild Brown Trout pictured above on the 1400 CFS  - The Trophy Trout Sight Fishing for actively surface feeding fish is challenging on the 1400 CFS -  We finally have had less rain - The TVA has been back and forth on the water releases -  Currently  the sluice flow is at 380 CFS  - No complaints here about the 1400 CFS Sluice - Night Fishing is Starting as of this report on the low flows im getting ready to go now on the first night trip of the season - Check below for more of the report and pictures



Some nights are just better than others - on June 6 2018 the Dry Fly Fishing was the best ive ever had - The spinner fall was one for the books Combined with  Big Yellow Bugs emerging untill dusk everywhere equals 90% of the fish looking up  - no wind - tilting sun - long leaders -long casts -  f/v blue hornet in scoring position - A miracle sharp sighter with a Yellow Bug Tied On a 10 FT. 4 WT Orvis Helios 2 Destruction- A couple fast minutes of adrenaline pump resulted in what is pictured above and below -thanks for checking the report- look down for more proof if you want 



06-06-18 There is very little doubt that the smaller soho  trout when feeding on the surface make a bigger splash and the bigger adult browns almost always make a very small splash - in fact the biggest ones sometimes almost go unnoticed feeding on dry flys while barely breeching the surface on 1400 CFS they become experts at it - pictured above is what we all hope to achieve on the dry fly - topping the 20 inch mark - the bench mark for most accomplished fly anglers who fish  the SOHO - I highly recommend fishing the 1200-1400 sluice flow from a Drift Boat - Thanks for checking the report - look down for more proof  -Tight Lines Ronnie










Chuck made the 3.5 hour drive over to the soho for a memorial day drift boat float trip - its not every day that you catch your personal best wild brown trout on a dry fly however Sunday it finally happened big for chuck - On a day where there was no real hatch going on somehow we managed to find the big head poking upward dining on spinners and cripples under a very now famous tree - long leaders - long accurate casts - proper mending a drag free drift combined with good drift boat positioning and great coaching is the final result pictured above - Super Proud of you chuck - Thanks for the memories and your friendship - looking forward to our end of summer trip -look down for more of the latest reports and pictures 



Some guys will not waste the time looking for one trophy brown trout to feed off the surface - here at the South Holston River Guide Service we specialize in Sight Fishing for Trophy Wild Brown Trout - A few nights ago it was foggy with a light drizzle and very few bugs hatching however somehow I made it happen big on the surface - the dry fly fishing is really good if you know where to fish where they are and how to present a dry fly to stimulate and simulate your own hatch - the result is pictured above  with a beautiful bug eater posing for quick photo opp - the 1400 cfs certainly requires that your  skill set will be tested especially at 40 feet of distance between you and your target  - Thanks for Checking the Report - Tight Lines Ronnie


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