AUGUST 7 2019



The Dog Days of Summer Are Officially Upon Us And The Fly Fishing Has Been Excellent ....Its Has Been Busy Around Here With Everyone Decending Upon the SoHo for Their Shot At Catching Some of These Amazing Tailwater Gems ..I Sure Am Lucky To Call My Passion My Job ......The TVA Has Been Giving Generous High Water Flows of 2200 CFS Provided Us With Some Great Drift Boat Fly Fishing Adventures Here On The SoHo ... The Weather Has Been Nice and Warm With The Ever Present Summer Light Rain Shower Events Happening Here and There ...Sometimes The Cloud Cover Combined With Low Light Conditions & Light Rain Events Seem to Have A Certain  Appeal After Fishing For Hours Under Bright Sunny Skies The Light Cool Rain Is A Blessing And The Fishing During Those Times Is Usually Very Good To Excellent ...We Will Take It  ...The Yellow Bug  Dry Fly Fishing Has Reached Its Peak For The Season As the Sulphurs Continue to Hatch Daily ...The Timing And Location Of These Yellow Bugs Are Anything But Predictable ...If you are in the right Spot at the Right time the Dry Fly Fishing Can Be Explosive ...Timing Is Everything Right Now ...Wait for it ..Pictured Above is Me Big Fish SoHo Guide Ronnie Kittredge Proudly Showing Off A Trophy Size SoHo Yellow Bug Dry Fly Eater from A Couple Days Ago ....The Nymph Fishing Has Been Very Good ...Midges ...Mayfly Nymphs ...Pheasant Tails ....Frenchie Bugs  and the Squirmy Worm Fished At Depth  Are All Producing Good Numbers of Trout Sub Surface . ....The Night Fishing This Season  Has Not Really Happened Here For Us This Summer For Numerous Reasons like The Weather ...The Fog ...The High Water Flows and The Amount of Daytime Fishing Really Has Put the Night Fishing On The Back Burner  .... Special Thanks To Everyone Who Has Traveled  Here To Fish With Me Recently ....I Sure Am Lucky To Get To Meet and Guide Some Great People From All Walks Of Life  ....Right Now I Am Offering the Lowest Guide Rate of This Season If You Want To Go Fly Fishing ....Full Day Guided Drift Boat Fly Fishing Trip With  Lunch And All The Gear Included For Only $225.00 ...This Price Remains In Effect Through September 15 , 2019 ......Check The Guide Services Link Above For More Info or You Can Call or Text Me Anytime On My Personal Cell Phone 980-833-3167 ...Lets Go Fly Fishing ...Thanks For Reading  ....I Am Still Alive ...Its Great To Be Alive ..Tight Lines Ronnie 




So Much Fun To Have This Awesome Dog Named " Blue " On Board For Some SoHo Dry Fly Action  





Thanks For The Great Memories "Blue " 




 Thanks for the Great Memories Guys

Thanks Michael & Debbie




Thanks For The Good Times Guys  


JULY 20 2019



There Is A Saying That Goes Something like " Be Careful What You Wish For "  We Recently Wished For The Summer Rains To Arrive And Deposit  Here in East Tennessee USA  And On July 18 2019 The Heavy Summer Rains Made A Brief Visit To The South Holston River ...And The South Holston  River Felt The Heavy Rain Effects Almost Instantly  ....The Dirty " Not Paved " TVA Mud Ramps Sometimes Become A Muddy Dangerous Mess Of Quicksand When We Experience  Flash Flooding ..So We Put The Drift Boat In For An Evening Low Water Float Fishing Trip  On Thursday July 18 2019 Knowing That The Heavy Rains Were Predicted ..While Fly Fishing Out On The SoHo On The  Low Flow of 10 CFS  Floating  Under The Threat  Heavy Rain ...Nathan And I  Witnessed A Flash Flood Right At the South Holston River Dam ....Above the Wier  ....Nathan  Fly Fished For A Few Hours and We Got Soaked and He  Stuck More Trout Than We Could Count  ..When It Was Time To Call It And Take The Drift Boat Out of the SoHo ....Late Thirty ... The Heavy Rains  Had Already Made A Muddy Mess Out Of The Ramp and We Had A Challenge On Our Hands Now Just to get the Boat and Truck Back Onto  Solid Pavement  ...Sometimes We Get Lucky and Thursday We Did Get Lucky .....Sooo As Far As The Fishing Went Before the Rains Arrived Nathan Really Fly Fished these SoHo Trout Good ...We Had A Great  Late  Afternoon Float on the Low...  Fishing in Heavy Rains Nathan Stuck Dozens Of Trout For Several Hours Non Stop Action On The Mighty Miracle Midge ...This Was His Pre Game Warm Up As Nathan Was Here In Bristol For The Next Day  Full Day High Water  SoHo Float trip With Me On Friday July 19  Which Was the Next Day ......Pictured Above Is My Special Guest  Nathan On Friday July 19 2019 Proudly  Holding For The Camera A Beautiful Well Earned  Slot Length  SoHo Wild Brown Trout Captured On a "Squirmy Worm " On The Dirty Stained Off Color 2300 CFS  Courtesy Of The TVA and Mother Nature  ...This Brown Fought To The Very End.... Captured On Light  6X Tip... We Had To Pull The Anchor and Chase this Brown for A Good  Distance Ultimately Landing This Brown  At The  " Cul De Sac " ....Kudos Nathan For Fighting This Brown Like A Professional Fly Angler ....Super Proud Of You For Doing Everything Right To Get This Brown  Into the Boat ....And Bravo For The Many  Great Fish You Caught During Our Time Together ....Especially The First  Beautiful Brown You  Caught At The Grates At the Start Of Our Epic Float Trip Friday ....Extreme Admiration For You Putting In A Full Effort and For Proving  What Is Really Possible When You Sincerely Fish Hard For The Big Eats ......Very Proud Of You Nathan !!  Its Hard Not To Brag About A Client When He Does Everything "Right " and Literally Puts 80+ Trout in the Boat .....The Weather Has Been Hot And The TVA Has Been Cutting The Flows Back Recently ...Wait For It Or Fish The Frog Water ....Which Are Not All That Bad For Options....10 CFS or 2300 CFS ...Take Your Pick or Fish Both Flows  ....The Heavy Rains Have Offset The SoHo Water Clarity Which Has Seemingly Thrown The Yellow Bugs Off Timing ..Yeah You Can Fish A Heavier Tip Successfully in the Dirty Water  However Number Of Looks Turn Into  Minimal Numbers Of Actual Eats ...We Will Finess The 6X Thanks .... ..There Are Still Alot of Sulphurs Hatching If You Know Where and When to Look  However ....I Believe The Trout Can Not Effectively See Most Of The Yellow Bugs On The Surface  In The Dark Stained  Dirty Chocolate Colored SoHo ....No Worries Because With At Least Some 2300 CFS  TVA Water Generation and Some Of The  Smaller Tributaries Clearing Up ...The Big Yellow Bug Parades Will Resume In A Day or Two  From This Report Pending On No Monsoon Rain Events  .....Thanks For Checking The Report ...If You Want To Go Fishing ?  I Am Offering The Lowest Guide Rates Of This Season Through The End Of Summer ....$225.00 for A Full Day Guided Float Trip ...Lunch and Drinks  And All The Necessary Fly Fishing  Gear Included  ...Call or Text Me Anytime With Any Question About The Guide Services Available  ... 980-833-3167  ...Thanks For Checking The Fly  Fishing Report ...Tight Lines Ronnie



 JULY  19 2019


JULY 15 2019 



Its Great To Be Alive and Really Exciting To Be  Part of This Amazing Ride  Here on the SoHo... .. 07 -15 -19 ...I Just Want To Say Thank You To The People Who Are Reading My Fishing Reports ... The Current Weather Pattern Here Has Been Hot And Somewhat Dry ...Its Hard to Believe and Imagine  That In The Same Year When We Had Epic Monsoon  Rains Back in February 2019 and Massive High Water 4100 CFS Flows ...Now We Are Dry In Need And Wanting  The Summer  Rains ... We Have Had A Good Stretch Of  Some Dry Spells....No Rain  Recently ....Resulting In The SoHo Lake levels Reaching Critical  Minimal Summer Pool  levels That Have The TVA  Reducing The River Flows Here On The SoHo   ....Let It Rain Mother Nature ..TVA Is Back To The Normal Generation Schedule and Seemingly Running Out Of Lake Water.. No More Sluice Flows It Seems ...The Fly Fishing Is Excellent In Spite....Spot Burning Again ....Pictured Above Is A Mid July 2019  ....Above The Wier Dam ...Just Below The SoHo Dam... Sulphur Eating Trophy Class Dry Fly Holdover  PLR  Chubby Rainbow  Trout.... We Have Tapped Into Some Great Rainbows This Year Fishing Areas of the SoHo Where We Once Overlooked ..Above The Weir Dam ...Who Knew .......Say What You Need to Say ....Never look Back ....Lets Go Fly  Fishing   ...The New Summer 2019  Guide Rate Is In Effect As of This Report ,..,,For A Limited Time Only I Am Offering The Lowest Prices of this 2019 Season...$225.00 For a Full Day Guided Drift Boat Fly Fishing Trip . ... Lunch and Drinks Included  Check the "Guide Services Link " for more info ....Call or Text  Me Anytime  ..My Cell Phone Is Always On ...980-833-3167.. Thanks For Checking The Report ....Tight Lines Ronnie 





Having A Youth Angler On Board Sure Is Exciting  ,,, The little Things That Rival The All To Familiar Low Water Fly Fishing  Routine Can Rattle The Best of The Best Fly Fish Guides .. Sometimes I Think We Would Be Better Off If We Just Did Not Sight  the Big Browns On the Low Flows  ..When The TVA  Holds Back The Big Water and The Low Water Stick and Spook Game Rears Its " Technical Challenging "  Head.... What Can We do ? Finess The Low and Patiently Wait For The Big Water Big Yellow Bug Parades And The 2300 CFS Generation Flow ...Yup....Congrats Daniel On Making It Happen On The Dry Fly On 2300 CFS After Several Hours Of Sticking A Few  and Not Sticking A Few  One At A Time ....Non Stop Line Spooking 100 s On the Low Flow Has Less Appeal than the Big Water Game  ....Finally and Eventually The Big Water Arrived and Paid Up With Dozens  Of Dry Fly Eats And A Bunch Of Quality Wild Browns Boated As Soon As We Had Enough Water to Really Dry Fly Fish the SoHo  ...  No Easy Way Out ....Wait for it ...Thanks Again Glen and Daniel For All the Great Memories Including the Awesome 5 Star  Dinner You Cooked For My Wife and I At Paw Paws Fishing Pad Last Wednesday Night ...Super Yummy ..We Had A Blast Talking It Up At Dinner About  "   Life  " With You Guys .... Stream Side Right On the SoHo  .Yes Indeed .....@PawPawsFishingPad ..Lifetime Memory -Many Thanks for Having Us Over For Dinner  -Gracias Again Glen .Super Fun To Watch You Both Stick These SoHo Trout On The Dry Fly.  



This Dude Pictured Above Seems To Get It Done  Every Time We Tight Line  Fly Fish the SoHo Together ....Bravo Matt for Tight Line Sticking More SoHo Browns Than We Can Count On Both Of Our Hands ,,,, Dozens  .....Play The Game.... Tied Up and Twisted... Its Super Fun Every Time To Witness Matt Stick Dozens Of Trout On The Tight Line Euro....On The High Water 2300 CFS ... No Indicator ....No Added Weight....No Split Shot .... SIGHTER  Presentation ,,,Not Many Guys Come Here To Euro Nymph This Mighty Tailwater With Me ... So Its Always A Special Sight To Witness  And Help You Approach  &  Present & Tight Line "  Matt  " Gettin It Done !! ....Contact Tight Line Nymphing  These Special Fish Is Awesome To Be Part Of  ,,,,Kudos Brother !  #FIPS-Mouche  #ProFlyAngler #CompetitiveAngler