So , Here we are - Obsessed More with the Thought than the Actuality of the Obsession - The South Holston River Has Once Again Provided the Ultimate Sport Value Entertainment on the Big Water - 2400 CFS Sluice Flow Courtesy of the TVA Has Once Again Produced  A Big Migratory Buck Wild Brown Trout - Pictured Above is What this Big Game is All About for Me - Trophy Size Fish that Exceed the 2 Foot Mark - These Browns  Come Standard with Bad Attitudes - Gnarly Kype - Busted Maxillarys from Previous Battles with the Opposition - Talk About Adrenaline Pump - Chased this  Buck At Least 300 Yards - Had Him to the Boat at Least 5 Times - Dropped and Pulled Anchor 5 Times  - Finally Managed to Drift Below him and use the 2400 CFS to My Advantage -Positioning a fish like this above me in the 2400 CFS is Key for Me -  After what Seemed like 20 Minutes OF Tugging He Finally Tapped Out and Swam into the Net Before Anyones Feelings Got Hurt - Like All Special Trout I Named Him - His Name Is Scarface - Check Out the Lower Jaw and Head on this Guy - Thick Wide Body  - Huge Fins - High Score - Ancient Brown Trout - Special Thanks to Hyde Drift Boats for Building Superior Drift Boats - My Pro Series  Blue Hornet  Performs At The Highest Level when Everything is on the Line - Bravo HYDE DRIFT BOATS -  No Time Left in this Big Game for Smiles - The Weather Has Been Back and Forth - Cold Pre Dawn Mornings  giving way to Mild  Days in the 50s -TVA is Running 2400 CFS around the clock full time - Thanks For Reading - Tight Lines Ronnie


NOVEMBER 22 , 2018



I Guess Sometimes Having a Birthday on Thanksgiving Means Everyone Forgets Your Birthday -Except My Mom Who is Here from Connecticut for the Holidays - Super Excited to have Mom here - Thankful for the Brown Trout Pictured Above Caught Thanksgiving Morning on the 2400 CFS - Got Lucky Landing this Buck as I Was Able to Stop Him From Exiting the Run - This is a Special Fish That Taped Over 22 inches  -Just Slightly Above the PLR  - Full Pumpkin Orange Spawning Garb - Kyped Up - Bad Attitude - A High Score - Gracias TVA  for Once Again Providing  Generous High Water Flows - Cold Nights Below Freezing and Big Water Flows Equals The Browns Running Hard at the Headwaters of the South Holston River Dam -Sometimes its Alot of Fun Just to Watch These Big Wild Browns  Seemingly  Having Their Own Competition to See Who Can Leap the Highest in the Air Putting On An Impressive Show of the Magnitude and Calibre of the Runners that Migrate to the Headwaters of The South Holston River -Talk About Adrenaline Pump  - Check Below For More Recent Action from the Big Game 


The TVA Has Been Giving Consistent Generous High Water Flows 2400 CFS and 3000 + CFS  Massive Flows -The New Generator Works -  We Have Seen and Fished Some of the Highest Flows of This Entire Year in November - The First Quarter of the 2018 SoHo Super Bowl is Complete and The Score is High - Gracias TVA for Giving the Browns Some Water and Room to Spawn - Excited to See These Huge Releases as it Limits How Many Guys will Actually Wade in 2400-3000 CFS ...Resulting in No Redd Treading - The Fishing Has Been Excellent on These Big Flows - We are Fishing 8mm Pegged Beads and Trout Crack Fished at Depth With the Squirmy Worm  - You Probably Dont Need 6 x on the Big Water - So much for Finessing 20+ inch Buck Wild Browns on 2400 CFS - In All Honesty We Only Land 1 Out of Every 3 or 4 PLR Fish That We Stick on the High Water - Easier Said than Done -  Pictured above is one of those 20 inch Bucks Posing for a Quick Photo Opp via The Chimney Hole - This Buck Put Up a Hard Time Coming to the Boat and Net - He is Not People Friendly and Very Unsocial  - Like All Special Trout I Named Him - His  Name is ' Dustin   - Happy Thanksgiving - The Weather has Been Colder with Steady at Freeze Temps in the Pre Dawn - Someone once told me I dont have to fish the pre dawn this time of year but I forgot who they were -  Thank You For Checking The Report - Check Back Soon for More Updated Reports From The Big Game - Tight Lines Ronnie